Calling all TA Members URGENT help needed!!

Hi Everyone

I'm a Rifleman in 6 Rifles and I am currently doing a dissertation for my Public Services Degree at Plymouth University entitled: “Public and Territorial Army views on Recruitment into the Service.” The main aim of this project being to see how the views of the public relate to the reason members of the TA have for joining and whether these reasons have any significance to current events that are happening in Britain and ongoing operations in Afghanistan.

I would just like to thanks everyone who responded, I now have enough results to analyse.
Thanks you for your time


Could you explain what a Public Services Degree is?
Is this the same course that was offered years ago to 16 - 18 year olds at Plymouth City Community College to give an insight into uniformed life.
Best of luck with it.
Done. Good Luck
Just as a thought - when it's all done, perhaps you might share your findings with us. Might be of some use to the recruiting types.
Bollocks! when I saw the title of this thread I thought it was going to be a trawl to get some people to put a sign on a mountain. I've been waiting for years to contribute to the defence of the nation by doing something important like that. You've let me down.
Karl, done ............ you might also want to view the 50 page mega-thread on the TA, plenty of good stuuf in there - search under "Telegraph gets it wrong".

Best of luck with the dissertation.

But defin. remove name, it took me 20 seconds to find you on a well known social site, lots of friends in uniform etc. If it's not you it's an awful coincidence! I was half tempted to message you on there telling you to remove your name, but that's a bit stalky.

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