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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by olivers_army, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Evening all. Just wondering how the TA goes about claiming for travel expenses and the like. I'm a reservist in the RAF and my squadron have been told that our clerks will no longer process any claims for expenses at all and that we must use JPA. Fine, but we do not have any computers let alone JPA access at our normal training locations. The only time we get near JPA access is 4 times a year when we go to our war appointment stations.

    Having to wait up to 4 months to submit a claim for expenses we have already incurred takes the piss. We recruit nationally so are allowed to claim for actual distances not just 50 miles so these claims are large.

    Any info would be very useful.
  2. even when you have the pc's its not that easy.. when are we expected to access JPA when we can only use the approved pc's on a drill night when we're supposed to be training?

    but they couldnt possibly have had that in mind when they came up with the idea could they? if we cant submit claims then thats money saved isnt it
  3. Turn up to your drill nights 3 minutes earlier then, thats all the time you need to submit an expense claim.
  4. Fcuk me, you mean your drill location has PCs built after the 1960s?

    It's a nightmare trying to get it done on a parade night. We already turn up early to do phys. The answer to everything in the TA seems to be 'turn up early'. Shall we all just give up our jobs so that we can be at the TAC for 1300hrs so that we can do all of the shite that we now have to do before parade?

    If everyone at our location did that, assuming it takes usually about 5-10 minutes to submit a claim on the shite computers we have, that'd mean we have to turn up about 3 hours early.
  5. In my experience the RAF are head and shoulders above the Army when it comes to JPA access. In the TAC most of the terminals are locked away in offices and the few that aren't are powered by rubber bands and take an eternity to log on, let alone access anything. Go and visit the RAF though, wander into the admin office, sit down at the always logged on JPA self service terminal and you're away. Even then getting it done in 3 minutes is a fantasy.

  6. Have you tried asking the nearest Forces unit to you, if you can have a couple of mins on JPA, even an AFCO might oblige?
  7. JPA access isn't a problem from what I've seen. Being able to use the application is.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I wonder just how many people have given their username / password to the pay Sgt and asked him/her to fill out their mileage and other claims?

  9. and how many have stopped making claims.

    I use DII regularly and in one year I've only seen one OR/JNCO use JPA
  10. I bet it saves them a tidy sum each year through not paying out a large number of travel claims.

  11. Hahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahahahah

    Oh my ******* ribs. Have you actually used JPA Mr. Dick?
  12. o problems accessing JPA at my TAC, there's a terminal in the crewroom , chaps just log in when required.
  13. I've only done one claim on JPA. I logged on, gave a Matlow a post-it with all the stuff on and went for a brew.

    Came back and job, jobbed.

    I can access JPA from work though...
  14. JPA not a drama, it's okay when you get your head round it. DII logins however in my old unit are as common as rocking horse sh*t... it's a bit crap having to ask one of the senior bods for his username and password everytime nevermind undermining security.
  15. count yourselves lucky our clerk knows fook all about jpa, what can be claimed etc, when you do try to log on its always down on a weekend for upgrades etc.