Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The_Claw, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone confirm for me the beret worn by the STAFFORDS pre amalgtion to 3 MERCIAN. What colour was it and did it have any backing behind the badge. And where could I get one?
  2. It was dark blue and the cap badge had no backing to it.No idea where you'd get one though dude.
  3. I had flimsy info, however I've just sussed out I need a 3 MERCIAN beret. Does anyone know where I can order one on-line. I don't live near Bulford. A Pri or something like that , cheers.
  4. I had a few Staffords lads in training with me, I am fairly sure there was a piece of hessian behind the stafford knot badge?
    I may be wrong, but it seems to stick out in my mind.
  5. Black beret with a brass coloured badge depicting a rope in a clove hitch(?)
  6. Not black, navy blue I'd imagine- Best as I know the Royal Tank Regiment are the only (regular) regiment to wear black berets.
  7. The piece of hessian you refer to was known as a Holland Patch and was worn (IIRC) behind the badge and coller knots. Iy might be worth contacting the Staffordshire Regiment museum about getting a beret and patch

    Regimental Museum,
    Staffordshire Regiment
    Whittington Barracks
  8. Mine is dark blue (almost black) and the Staffordshire knot and Prince of Wales feathers badge has a backing of Holland Cloth.

    If you don't already know this why on earth would you need one? ?:
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  10. coolcee was a staffy he can tell you what was on his head..
    def blue beret..though only the rtr wear black.
  11. Devon & Dorset Yeomanry, if they still exist did, along with the Black covies.
  12. seem to recall hessian backing ,being something to do with service in india,running out of proper uniform cloth and having to use hessian,any staffys help because i have been known to talk utter shite
  13. The Holland patch was awarded for 57 years continuous service in the Dutch East Indies. The cloth is the local material that the soldier had to make thier uniforms from during this period. The Stafford Knot is by tale to hang three men at once. The feathers are the the Prince of Wales Plumes and the motto Ich Dien means "I serve" Happy to help.
  14. its POW blue
  15. The Prince of Wales's feathers are from the pre amalgamation North staffords badge and the Holland patch from the South Staffords> I'm not sure about the regular battalion but for a short while in the 60s the TA battalion wore the double headed saxon badge that is now being worn