Calling all Signallers - am looking for an old friend!

Yes, i did actually have one.

I am trying to track down the last know whereabouts of Signaller Darren "MOUSE" Lane. (might be a L/cpl or even Cpl by now - or a civillian)

I knew him at 220 Sig Sqn, Hotel Troop - at RAF Bruggen.

He was very short and skinny, wore 80s clothes still and likes the Eagles...

He was good at converting alcohol into piss and i lost touch with him as he was posted to 9 Sigs, Cyprus.

He had long hair and was from Manchester area (bolton or oldham sounds familiar)

If you remember him (a bit of a character) let me know.

Worked with him 1990 in wildnerath, K troop, he moved to Bruggen H Troop, bumped into him in 259 Sig Sqn, Epi Troop in '97 and Blandford, CPD about 2000 dont know if he moved with CPD when they left Blandford.
Last time I saw mouse was about 96 or 97 telemech convention Cyprus
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