Calling all Signallers - am looking for an old friend!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Rincewind, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. Yes, i did actually have one.

    I am trying to track down the last know whereabouts of Signaller Darren "MOUSE" Lane. (might be a L/cpl or even Cpl by now - or a civillian)

    I knew him at 220 Sig Sqn, Hotel Troop - at RAF Bruggen.

    He was very short and skinny, wore 80s clothes still and likes the Eagles...

    He was good at converting alcohol into piss and i lost touch with him as he was posted to 9 Sigs, Cyprus.

    He had long hair and was from Manchester area (bolton or oldham sounds familiar)

    If you remember him (a bit of a character) let me know.

  2. Worked with him 1990 in wildnerath, K troop, he moved to Bruggen H Troop, bumped into him in 259 Sig Sqn, Epi Troop in '97 and Blandford, CPD about 2000 dont know if he moved with CPD when they left Blandford.
  3. Check you PM Rince
  4. yes remember him in blandford .. always looked like a civi with a bad hair day.
  5. Last time I saw mouse was about 96 or 97 telemech convention Cyprus