Calling all Sappers.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by devil62, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. How did the sappers that have been out of the RSME for some time now spend thier days passing the time both in trainnig troops and in the famous TV troop??
  2. Damn, sorry. Thought it said "slappers" ;)
  3. don't forget the "H & D" (Holding & Drafting) Troop for the sweats (not including older sweats from Cove!!) :wink:
  4. finished gib, then posted straight to 35 engr regt hameln for me.
  5. I spent a while stagging on at Church Crockham. The stories about the girl who used to give sexual favours through the fence could fill a thread on their own. Not that I ever met her!
  6. susie wong
  7. The Walnut tree in Cove, now that was a place :D :D :D

    Never did find out her name, but her Dad had a nice shed :lol:
  8. Off Topic a bit, but what was the grim film that had the ghost flying down through the line of trees at Minley Manor? a few arse twitching moments must have been had by most in this forum who have ever had to check out anything along there while on roving... even you looney I'll wager 8) 8O
  9. woooooooo!! that lovely gravel drive up to Minley manor, on your jack in the dead of night armed with your trusty pick helve.., always in the back of your mind that the Omen was filmed there!!pants.....change!
  10. There was that gazebo type shed in the garden of the Manor that was always rumuored to be haunted!

    Skive to survive was the name of the game for me in TV Troop.
  11. The new Robert De Niro film 'Stardust' was being filmed at minley manor last June/July. I remember I was on guard at the gate, before MGS took over that post, some film crew tried to get in. "We're filming...etc" I just said 'No, car pass? No get in, you'll have to go to the guardroom'.

    Anyone remember a film 'Mosquito Squadron'? With the bouncing bomb? I'm sure the German camp at the end that was being bombed was the big grass field behind the manor.

    Did anyone know what happened to the guy that was shot on guard at the manor? There's a plaque of remembrance on the guard box.

    Also, heard about the haunted pavilion/shed. Was on roving, and the other lad thought it would be funny to lock me in it for a few minutes.
  12. as opposed to :?: :wink: :?: :wink:
  13. I'm sure my first full screw, when I left training, told he was at Gib when it happened, and it was something to do with an ND.

    Good old 24 hour guard at Gib. We used to go back to our lines when on roving, and go to sleep, and use the radio change as an alarm clock to wake us up! Obviously this was before mobile phones were common place.
  14. I recall all the bunks pushed up against each other in the guardroom, so if you were able to kip you had to do a tunnel rats of ku chi over all the other lads!! and the huge blocks of cheese possessed and spam with the week old bread those were the days eh boys!!
  15. I did about a week in H&D at Cove before posting to 33 Indep Fld Sqn RE in Dec '78. Only got to do one days day guard, Bloody cold that was, two of us stagging on from 0800 till 1800 IIRC. Rest of the time was taken up doing odd jobs around the camps. (1&3 TRRE)