Calling all rugger-buggers!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by DozyBint, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Guys,

    During the recent Who's calling Christian? (LINK) awareness-raising I cross-posted to and from that, there is now an interest for the rugby world to do something. Some 'names' are behind it, but in order for it to be worth their while trying to organise a fund-raiser for the ABF, they need to know that people will buy tickets, so if this is something that might interest you, please check out the following links:

    I think that you need to join to view these threads, but if you're into rugby anyway, it's a good place to be, so sign up!

    As we've got this goodwill (literally! :D ) it would be a shame not to make something of it.

  2. [marq=up][align=center]BUMP![/align][/marq]
  3. The date for the ABF fundraiser (as organised by RuckU) is 13th February and the location is London. I'll post precise details as they're decided, but this could be a very good laugh for a very good cause.
  4. Hey up, Dozy, I'm very interested in the tickets, especially as it's the day after my B/day, so would like to go. I have registered, but not able to access the ABF link on Rucku.
  5. Me too. Have joined RuckU but could not find any links. No that you've pointed me in this direction I going to be split between here and RuckU. Oh well and there's me thinking the "net" can be quite boring at times.