Calling all RU-type terps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shok, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Any of you got a burning desire to be posted to JACIG so i can get the f**k away from here lol

    Answers on a postcard or failing that, here will do ;-)
  2. Er, only on comp mobilisation, I'm afraid. (I could cover your fortnight off in Ibiza, though.....) :grin:
  3. You sort me out a mobilisation order as a Brigadier, get me compensation for the salary shortfall and sort my employers out with an interim replacement and I'm yer man.

    RU Int 29 1983-85
  4. Thought it was worth a try! All other routes out of Stalagluft Henlow seem to be shut off lol
  5. Sluzhi Sovetskomu Soyuzu!
  6. I thought you were such busy people at JACIG hopping all over the globe that there was no time to get bored / suicidal.

    P.S. Is that AAC blokey still down there ?
  7. Have you still got the shocking porn star moustache that you are sporting in your course photo?
  8. He\\\'s just left my flight on posting. Doin his pre-employ before he hits 9 Regt
  9. Nah, it's turned into a sprightly grey goatee. And my hair's all falling out. Plus I appear to have a huge gut applique'd on my front.
  10. F@ck me Shok, you can't be hankering after that place in Lincs already!

    Or have you just worked out that your Russian's shit? ;-)