Calling all RTC instructors

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. So how many RTC instructors are out here?

    What do you think of the new system?

    Does it work for you, if so what course programme do you run?

    We should be able to use this forum to help each other improve the standard of training we give.

    It would also be interesting to see just how standardised we are!
  2. still with RTC up intil 1st of December then i'm free!!!!!!!!!!

    i think the new system is good from what i've saw. Ranges etc can be taken up in unit if they have the time/inclination!

    Let them practise more soldiering!
  3. I'm RTC, which particular new system are you refering to? We just tend to do the same as always....8 days a week!
  4. Only an 8 day week? Is that when your new PASO (or is he one of the chods want to be called 'The Adjutant?) won't let you have the MTD's? to do the full 9 Day 27 hour a day working weeks? :lol:
  5. Good system but as has been highlighted, not enough hours in the day, and not enough days in the week.

    Could be worse though..............
  6. & we do this on a part time basis!
  7. Phase 1 trg has been set up ( I use the term loosely) without the correct infastructure being in place. Lack of stores, classrooms, armoury etc.
    In a lot of cases units have sent people to be instructors that have no qualifications. Or in a few cases people they want rid of.

    As usual with the TA its kept ticking over by a few good blokes who turn up regardless.

    This is supposed to be one of the biggest changes to the TA in recent times, and its done on a shoe string.
  8. That has got to be the understatement of the year!

    What Shoe string??? You mean the left over bit of green string from somebody's Cam Net don't you?
  9. The left over bit of string from the cam net one of the instructors has brougt with them.

    Not too bad in Norn Iron regards
    However with an impending move I'm sure that will become a limiting factor.
  10. Regarding Brucies comments, we had a kinda black economy for phase 1 for at least 5, we were, & are still, the barsteward child of the RTC.

    We had a very good OC & WO on a start up who cherry picked from their contacts a small cadre of instructors, with units supplying instructors who brought their recruits to the wing.

    We had the rudiments of the infrastructure in place borrowing heavily from the STTS (as it was), but we did have our owm Q stores with a pool of equipment signed over from other units.

    It has only been in the last couple of years that we have become official with a proper orbat.

    All the instuctors are now posted to the team for 2 years at a time with an option to extend, they all are interviewed by the 3 Head sheds & have to commit to a minimum of 80 days per year.

    With a minimum of a DITs course & ideally one skills course, but we work on that as a training centre we get a higher priority for bidding for instructor courses.

    We are still limited for classrooms & accommodation as Redford Cav Barracks hosts the tatto performers every year & is also used by units on w/es.

    We also are in the process of moving offices, with a premise of dedicated classrooms, I'm not holding my breath for that.

    All in all the instructors we have all want to be there & are therefore dedicated. esides it's all good fun.
  11. Baldrick, ours is a "training adj". Sure they make these titles up as they go along lol.

    FF, Mailed you.

    Everyone else, Hi, great to see so many RTC guys here on ARRSE.

    Gotta say things seem to be pretty good here. Ok, like everyone else we're short of people, time, room etc, but hey, we all knew it was coming. Been a lot of time spent prepping (least by most) and things are pretty much in place. Ok timetables are still a little fluid what this this rule and that regulation having to be followed (what do you mean we can't do pt at 5.30!) but on the whole it's good. Lucky that all the people there want to be there so makes for an easier life. As time goes on, things will refine and no doubt improve. Personally I think its a good oportunity for the RTC's and lets face it.....could be vital in keeping us all employed.... Hell...Could have to go back to unit and having to live in the field again!
  12. FFS Mate, what are these muppets like! I'm now convinced you're right, they are making this S**t up as they are going along. Have you heard the phrase 'Who commands this team, the PSAO or the CI? Yet? One PSAO (Adj, Trg Adj, Senior Capt etc) has already moved into the CI's Office Mon-Fri!!!

    Summary to date: Unit reps from the Jock's, Paddy's and Taffs have all had a moan. The only English contribution so far is from 5Div. The normally very vocal 15Bde and LonDist are suprise non starter's so far!

    Awaiting 'Feedback as they say!'
  13. Ive just passed through the RTC 1b course at Exeter and I have to say those guys did a great job with the limited resources and transitional decorating and re-modelling that's occurring, and with a smile on their faces the whole time!
  14. Baldrick, please remember that 15Bde RTC was and still is described as the jewel in the crown of the RTCs. Everyone who visits Strensall wants what 15 Bde has.

    Why do you think the 15Bde RTC was picked for the video.
  15. If 15 BRTC is so all singing and all dancing wonderful, why have the Jocks been the trail for CMSR for the RTC's? They have been training crows for at least two years ahead of everyone else. The Taffs are playing with the CLM(TA) package along with various other formal education packages. 143 BRTC are currently the lead team in the delivery of LFTT training as a qualification rather than an authorisation ........ etc etc etc

    and 15 Bde shoot a video as they have some decent real estate ..................

    Enough said :?