Calling all QMs retired or still serving

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by aston, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello im currently serving in the RLC and enjoying it been in 4 years,

    ive seen a way to improve mine and fellow squadie lives in the form off a bit off kit for the barracks now to get the kit in, i take it i need a contract off the qm to put it on base now if a qm could shed a bit off light on civi contract's it would help greatly,

    if say it was worthwhile for the whole army how would you secure the contract and get the permission ??

    i know ive been a bit vague but i dont want to give the game away but its to do with the sports and AT worlds.

    thanks for any advise.

  2. Not a QM, but if the idea is that great why don't you try the GEMS rewards scheme: it will be looked at seriously and if it is good, will be implemented and you might even get a cash prize!
  3. Agreed GEMS is the way ahead, if its that good, and if not you sound get some good idea cash from a local award group.
  4. It's all about paperwork, procedure and support. Whatever this kit is it will need funding which means either the unit pays (CO's Public Fund pehaps?) or the Army ie higher formation pays from a local AT vote maybe, whichever it will probably fall to the QM to write or further a justification. There will be a supplier, this is where the contract side of things comes in. Again the QM will be involved and depending on where you are serving and the relevant higher formation, possibly contracts branch as well. The kit will need to be maintained in some way whatever it is so that will also be part of the contract or at least local provision will have to be made for that. There may also be insurance implications as well as heath and safety. This is just scratching the surface and is not meant to give specific advice as you don't say what your idea is. No-one on here can give you the answers as there are so many variables. However, if yours is a good scheme, not over the top and you are willing to do at least some ground work to come up with a proposal it is not as hard or complicated as it sounds. Whatever the idea you are going to have to approach the QM and get his support. Give him enough info to show it is a workable idea rather than saying "can we have a pool Dad?" and if he is a good QM (plenty about) then you should be off to a start. Discuss it with those in the position to make it work and think about the GEMS scheme too. You will get out what you put in. Good luck!
  5. hello everyone ,

    thanks for your feedback , Where can i find specific information on the GEMS rewards scheme is thier a website link ??

    Has anyone hear gone down this route that i could chat to know off anyone ??


  6. Although it's not just a REME thing, try asking at the LAD, someone there will have the GEMS info. If you don't have an LAD, the REME cell at Brigade will be able to help.

  7. It all depends on what you have to offer and what you (and the army) want out of it. Yes a GEMS may give you a cash payment (sometimes even if it isn't accepted) but are you angling toward a business agreement where you or associates would act as supplier? It may be worth your while getting hold of The DLO directory and selecting a number of someone who is involved with the supply of products that are a nearest match for your idea. Pitch it to them and see what comes out of it.

    Mail yourself a copy of your idea and if you do speak to anyone in the chain then make a note of dates names etc. It would be pretty annoying to hear that someone has just bought their first Porche after pinching your idea.

    Good luck :D
  8. great input so far thanks,

    anyone know of anyone at DLO Andover could pm or chat to?


  9. I gave you some advice on how to deal with this on another thread - take it. Points:

    You can ring DLO (actually DE & S now) until you retire. Nobody will have the slightest interest in what you propose. Why, because they work to requirements set by the DEC and not to somebody ringing up with a 'good' idea.

    Secondly, if you are working for an external company, and serving in the MoD, you should think long and hard about 'conflict of interest, regularity, and propriety'.

    Thirdly, if there is an external company involved they should be well aware of the system to tender for MoD contracts as it is the same system for all public service procurement and is called the EJ.
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Thanks for your concise summary PAW, thread now locked.
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