Calling all PMC's and Mess Committee Members

Prego Events are the leading supplier of Party Events to the Military for Summer and Christmas Balls in the UK and Germany. How do we know we are getting it right? In 2010 we supplied over 60 mess functions in the UK and Germany for RAF, Navy and MOD and ALL had excellent feedback for SERVICE, QUALITY & VALUE FOR MONEY.

We also offer a FREE SERVICE to come and sit with you and/or your committee to discuss options and ideas; let us see your Mess in order to suggest the best possible items for you.

But you don't need to hear it from us - our latest Military Testimonials are below:

Worthy Down - UK - Xmas 2010
Everyone keeps saying how much they loved the Mess Decorations and have commented on how it is the best set up they have ever seen. We will definately use Prego again and again. The service you provided was the best.

28 Eng Hameln - Germany - Xmas 2010
Prego Events are the leading company in my eyes. They deliver the goods, value for money and the best money can buy. Prego you made our 2010 Ball
Can you buggers not stick to one thread? While I'm at it, get a proper name for a company, I keep thinking your some sort of competition for women up the duff.

Nice decorations though.
I can't help it if your mind can't register that Prego is an Italian word for your welcome or no problem. As in any event you need no problem. Would it help if i wrote it with an Italian Slant.

Sorry for repeating the threads its a big site and hard to reach the people who organise these events any help would be greatly appreciated

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