Calling All Physios.....


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Ahem....SSAFA Bike Ride 2012 ( including three of our WIS guys ) could do with a helping hand if you have an hour to spare ?

Calling all physios!

14 Aug 2012
Calling all physios!

We're looking for for volunteer physiotherapists, sports masseurs and massage therapists to help with our Ride of Britain cycle challenge. With 500 miles to cover in 5 days, we need your support to keep our riders in top condition.
How you can get involved

We need your help for just a couple of hours on one evening between 12-16 September. If you're a student therapist then you can still be involved but you'll need to bring along someone qualified.

Check times and dates below and then get in touch to tell us when you're free:

Newcastle evening of Wednesday 12 September

York - evening of Thursday 13 September

Boston - the evening of Friday 14 September

Colchester - evening of Saturday 15 September

Wellington Barracks - afternoon of Sunday 16 September.

( PERSEC nazis - cf HERE )

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