Calling All Paras

This'll sound waltish...

But any of you willing to offer advice/help on shaping my lid just like you guys?

If it means anything, it's a standard RLC one.

Don't you listen to them mate, put in the post to me and I'll sort it out for you.

Mr. E. Banjo
c/o HMP Whitemoor
B Wing

.......word of warning it might smell funny and be a bit sticky on its return.

Posting a stupid question once is asking for humiliation, posting the same question twice in 2 different forums is leaving yourself open to an entry in the Walt Hall of Fame.

Congratulations fella.
Yet another feable,f ucking boring, pathetic, lazy ,unoriginal attempt at a wind up.
I have just looked to see what else you have posted, and I noticed you posted on the 6th of this month asking what life was like as an armourer, and that you intend to join as an officer. Now, you are asking how to shape an RLC beret like a Para...
A lot of ARRSE users do tend to be very obsessed with The Parachute Regiment.
Very sad indeed.
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