Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by goatbagthedruid, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. I am doing a little bit of research - how are your personnel who have completed MTQ 1 and 2 employed? Do they train your MTQ 1 and 2 cadets?

    Trying to find this out - when I served as a OCdt, we had personnel who had completed MTQ 2 as our instructors/section commanders. There are some units out there who don't do this and I was a little curious!

    Many thanks

  2. CUOTC

    During Autumn selected MTQ2 qualified personnel will be used as instructors (Pl Comd, Sgt, Sect Comds and 2i/cs if number allow) for MTQ1 and 2. MOre 2Lts are used for MTQ2 but qualifed OCdts have been used as sect comds. Others will do Cambrian Patrol or play enemy for MTQ1/2.

    During the spring term the wing training starts and the command structure changes, but still with those qualified teaching various lessons where appropriate.

    Hope this helps.
  3. MSUOTC:

    Once you've passed MTQ2, you can go on the JUO cadre over Easter, while the rest of the Unit suns itself in Wales on AT. If you pass, you'll spend the next year in either A coy supervising MTQ1 tyraining, or in B coy with MTQ2. If you don't pass the cadre, or aren't interested in being a JUO, then you'll do a mix of MTQ3 training and playing enemy for the other two companies when they do field excercises.
  4. SheffUOTC

    We are an all infantry OTC and have quite a large number of JUOs and 2Lts. Therefore the JUOs and 2Lts form the training teams of our B-Coy (Basic) and A-Coy (Advanced) with a large proportion of the JUOs on B-Coy Training Team teaching basic infantry skills and the MTQ1 syllabus while also being section commanders or Plt Sgts with the 2Lts as platoon commanders. For MTQ2 a large proportion of the training team are 2Lts with the JUOs mainly teaching map and compass and military knowledge as well as filling in admin roles such as CQMS, while the 2Lts teach Orders, Estimate and Signals. As MTQ2 involves leadership training the Ocdts are appointed as section commanders and Plt Sgts, however these appointments are not fixed and change regularly to insure all gain command experience.
  5. Glasgow otc

    First two years is spent doing mtq1 and 2, third year is spent either training mtq1 or 2. By this point its pretty safe to asume that the majority of people left are commited and because in scotland degrees are 4 years we do a thing called mtq3. Like mtq2 but a bit more hands on and not always tewts. This lets mtq3 pratice being plt cmmdrs, mtq2 thier section cmmddrs and 2ic's and mtq1 the bods. Mtq3 also goes over rcb/tcb and the ocassional mock rcb/tcb is held to give us practice at stuff not normally covered in mtq1/2.
  6. ULOTC
    Upon completion of MTQ2, you do Train the Trainer (AKA Spank the Monkey) at Summer Camp, in order to get command appointments for your 3rd year.
    Plt JUOs and Sect Comds for A Coy (MTQ1) and Troop JUOs for B Coy (MTQ2 and Special to Arm), plus SUO and JUO A. Those without command appointments are in the newly formed C Coy and have their own training set out now, I believe.
    However, I think the method of selection for command appointments is changing.
  7. Does this happen before or after the gay photo sessions? :wink:

    Upon completion of MTQ1+2 early each year, subunit trg starts, and lasts until summer camp.
    Summer camp is used as selection for the next year's command appoinments, with MTQ1 section commanders being chosen, and JUOs/potential TA 2Lts being selected for platoon commander roles.
    MTQ2 is instructed by JUOs and one or two 2Lts.
  9. Defo after gay photos are part of selection.
  10. Cheers for that, but more input welcome (but not of the gay photo line).
  11. LUOTC

    Generally after MTQ1 and 2 were completed those officer cadets who had ingratiated themselves the most with the OC Inf Wing would get the job of forming the young impressionable minds of the latest intake, and of course always follow the maxim laid down by the OC of not bagging the attractive girls amongst them. (It was always inspiring to see the officer in question leading by example on that one) Fortunately the other wings tended to contribute their most capable officer cadets rather than whichever lickspittle happened to be flavour of the month and consequently things went OK.

    MTQ2 training was left to the PSIs and the grown-up officers. There were dark mutterings about 'MTQ3' from time to time, but it never amounted to anything formal, at least not that I ever saw. That said there were plenty of other things to keep officer cadets occupied, from the CO's IT projects to planning charitable projects in African countries that subsequently end up stuck in the middle of a surprise armed insurrection.

    Just thought I'd tell you what it was like GBTD, I know you were there at the time, but I thought the recollections of someone who was sober might help :lol:
  12. Addition to CUOTC

    We run a MTQ2 revision/fast-track program for a week at easter, for those who didn't pass during autumn or those new recruits selected as suitable. MTQ3(PreTACC) is also run during this period. It's fairly optional however required for anyone wanting to go on for TACC. Quite a few other OTCs and TA units have sent their people on these courses. I know when I did my MTQ2 one Easter we had 3 from Oxford and a couple from another OTC plus an addition from a TA RA regt.
  13. Cheers S_J, many happy times were spent drinking in the Roberts Mess or the Feast and Firkin! I tried to remember being one of those that instructed the MTQ 1 cadets in my final year, but was a blur! Too much tabbing and not enough gunnery! :lol:

  14. OTC's are a tad prone (from my limited experience, in fairness, and mostly gleaned from other people's stories/whinges) to a sort of overall skills fade.

    Basically-one crap person teaches the next generation badly. This generation learn the bad skill, become teachers themselves, teach same skill a little bit worse (due to lack of experience? maybe). And so the cycle continues until, one day, the CGS finds himself visiting an OTC who are all holding their rifles backwards, goose-stepping towards an enemy upturned milk float in extended line...

    Now obviously there are PSI's, attached TA personnel, Regular staff and the like (not to mention GYC officers: a mixed bag of varying skills, competance, arrogance etc) who are there to stifle this trend, but they are few, and the fade exists nonetheless.

    So the idea of a recently passed MTQ 1 Ocdt teaching the next generation fills me with fear
  15. EUOTC

    on mtq1, we get trained by the subbies and juos and mtq2 its the psi's mostly