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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Siggie, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. Wondering what you guys are qualified to do once leaving, or if you've already left what it is you do in Civvy St?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I'm gonna live on the streets of London and become an alkie.
  3. Hey just stay away from Greggs on the Strand, that's my doorway.
  4. You must have had to fight Glad and Whiskybreath hard for that spot!
  5. I had youth on my side.
  6. We let him have it. WB and I have sorted out a nice slot behind the food bins at the Charing X Burger King.
  7. Work for the police for a quarter of the salary? If anyone can say anything different please PM me because Im staying in for the duration.
  8. Can't think of any CivPlod doing external recruiting for skilled 'civvies', as you will become when you hang your hat up, only for the few and far between raw recruit constables. Even at lightening speed, it'd take the best part of ten years to get income parity, and plod conditions are being drastically reshaped as we write.

    Sit tight
  9. Yeah, fair point!

    Sit tight i think i will. .


    How well would it set you up to get into Civvy roles such as Security Consultancy and similar type careers?
  10. It's certainly a help, although generally you're better off as a 27-year-old ex-junior Captain, a retired blade/shaky with bad knees or a fully-trained RAF barrier technician if you want the real plum security consultancy roles.
  11. Curiously, those gathered around the Special Brew takeaway in my warm and smelly doorway include all of those characters, together with the dodgy knees. The youthful former Captain, of formidable theological intellect, deserted the Corps (and see where it got him), the gimpy former ace operatives have holes in their lycra/spandex and the ex-RAF barrier-tech (ess) spends her time bitching to passers-by in strange crab-speak, but she used to lurk in other doorways so the simile holds up. Some of us are trying desperately to get out of the vicious circle, and head for sunnier begging pitches. Borough High Street, at least.
  12. I've saved you a warm spot around the back of the club in Hans Crescent. The company's not all that, but the food waste is fantastic.
  13. Loads of stuff:

    Writing using Aerial or Times New Roman.
    Knowing loads of Powerpoint transition effects.
    Evading definate answers, it has been assessed, so I believe.
    Uaing map marking stencils, AND knowing the difference between red, green and blue triangles, rectangles and bubbles; and how many arrow things a heavy mortar has.
    Cutting up maps.
    Laminating things.
    Sticking talc together so the tape hardly shows.
    When an officer says..."so does that mean you are intelligent"....reacting like it's the first time you've heard it.
    Telling people its pronounced core, not corpse.

    the list goes on.....and I'm sure it will.
  14. One should never use Times New Roman or any transition effects in PowerPoint, the rest is spot on though!

  15. Alternatively slip into the London Dungeon on Tooley Street during the day, or across the road underneath the Arches, at the Fetish Club (if its still going) - I believe they were advertising for Slaves to worship their Mistress !