Calling all mountaineers, trekkers & outdoor types!

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Up for auction complete two years of Trail Magazine, every copy from April 2006 to May 2008 (28 mags total) as shown Here

They are in excellient condition and not only contain "The Knowledge" section as well as many moutain/hill & product reviews but also hundreds of different routes (inc maps & gps) arround the UK, making an invaluable source for reference.

In addition also up is a signed print (not framed) by Alan Hinkes of the Nepalese Mountain Ranges. After his successful final assault on the summit of Kangchenjunga in Nepal, Alan Hinkes became the first Briton to climb all mountains over a height of 8,000m.

Postage will be paid.
Payment through MDNs begging bowl.
Cheers :)
mediumwhiteamericano said:

Thanks Cait, you know we all love to look at your virgin white peaks
They've gone (Clicky)

I'll open with 25 quid, there is bound to be a trace of DNA or residue on there

Edit: Fcuk, out done by PB
65 scoff me
OK, Ill split them.......

£85 on the print.
She's a babe, but on the loon side and tends to p1ss herself when running :D

I doubt she'd kick your arrse, she'd threaten to and make all the noises, then get a big boy to do it for her :D

Bid on the kit you miserable pikey !!!
I resent the word Miserable!

What would I want with a shelf full of mags about mountains? I have trouble enough walking to work let alone anything with a greater angle of 45 degrees.

miserable indeed...
Passing bells is fumbling through his wallet looking for extra pfennigs and workign out that if he doesn't have a NAAFI break for a week he can up his bid :D


As a kid Hinkes lived next door but one to us :D
minister_doh_nut said:
Passing bells is fumbling through his wallet looking for extra pfennigs and workign out that if he doesn't have a NAAFI break for a week he can up his bid :D
Unfortunately, PassingBells's wallet is full of dollars at the moment, which means that he's feeling poor.

Ooh, just found a couple of Euros in the holiday money.

£100 for the print only - beat that! You can take a small mortgage out on your watch if necessary
You've got to win it first :D

Best method is when auction won for payment to be made to begging bowl and Cait posts item out unless she's off to Army Navy but you might look a pair of tits carrying a piccy round with you
No closing date posted on this...

Will sack it at 19:00 wednesday
buttonsin3s is the winner at 120......

Cheers mate.

Once you've coughed I'll let Cait know and she's arrange to post it out to you
Nothing heard on this.......

Will give until 1900 on Monday then offer it to the next bidder, unless PB has spent his pocket money on Oreo cookies
Oreos, no I'm more of a Hob-Nobs type of guy.

Happy to stump up on this if you're unable to use your super MOD-like powers to contact buttons - I have no postal address, so Cait will have to deliver it in person. :p

Suggest you leave it 'til 19:00 Wednesday though, then he's had a week.

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