Calling all Lynx Pilots!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by MightyGem, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Want to be on the telly?? See here
  2. What safety record?
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What a stupid question for pilots!!!!!!!
  4. Lets hope they have panoramic cameras :D
  5. From Ray ITV:
    Yeah, right.

    Cynical, moi?
  6. And 4 dressing rooms, white sofas, posh mineral water and a huge pie budget!!!!:D
  7. Not to mention a huge door to get all their immense heads through, a couple of sandbags to pull up and finally light to swing.
  8. Yeah but it will be the Door Gunner thats opens the door, carrying the sand bags and changing the lightbulb before swinging the lamp......You know.....the norm!!
  9. What about a programme on the Queen of the Skies, the mighty Gazelle? Surely the elegance, longevity and sheer class of this wonderful aircraft would make far more interesting viewing for the discerning British public?
  10. Are the Army getting a replacement for the Gazelle or is the concept of the recce helicopter a thing of the past now that the "hunter-killer" has finally entered service. Has a decision been made on the Lynx replacement yet?

    Guys, be fair, not all of us have/had big heads as pilots. I like to think that I treated my crewmen and groundcrew reasonably well. Now as for the pies..........guilty as charged (and dont forget the copius amounts of Guinness)............Regards...........Ken

    P.S. Why all the interest in the Lynx, we all know that there was only 2 real helicopters in Army service.................Bell 47 and the mighty Scout, Queen of the Skies!!!!!!!!!
  11. your groundcrew?, and you say that you dont/didnt have a big head!. i dont know you nice touch :(
  12. Blackpearl...........just a figure of speech. As a detachment commander in many theatres of operation (usually a couple of gazelles or a couple of Scouts) I tended to use the word "my". My apologies if I offended you, but no "big-headedness" intended by my innocent comment. WOW! You guys are touchy!!
  13. CONN, ignore Backpearl. He's an auger.
  14. tut tut , back to mcdonalds with you flashy :)
  15. Is it only me thats suspicious as to the nature of this tv programme. Obviously these people are in the business of making good and profitable programmes, so would it be interesting tv if there conclusion was that the Lynx is a nice safe helicopter and everything's just peachy? I think not.