Calling all Lab Techs

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Chorlton, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. As a first original post, there can be no better subject than an excuse for a "get-together 'n' beer".

    For the Techs remembering the hazy days of the RAM College Millbank, check out this months Gazette (Feb 2007, p94).

    I haven't got hold of him yet, but I think "snake Hips" @ 84 could look into coinciding a reunion of "past & Present".

    The weekend of 15-16 Sep 07.

    Anybody interested?

    If you don't have access to the IBMS Gazette, I'll post further details on request.

    The Mortuary was downstairs (Micro/Archives), but I can't remember exactly where - can someone help the guy out?
  2. can OTTs go to?
  3. Filbert
    It's a civvy run open-house for the weekend, but I'm just testing the water for a Lab-tech reunion, as it has been over 2 years since the last one.
    Even if a function is "Teef-in-a-basket" in the students bar or sit down meal somewhere else after a Group-Hug-Tour of the place in the afternoon.
    As much as we would love to see your hansomely striking features (did that come out believable?!) and would welcome the OTT cadre, unreservedly; I would think it is primarilydirected at the Lab tech fraternity.
    Saying that, for anyone who remembers the RAM College (generally with fear and trepidation) it would be an ideal excuse whether we manage to get an organised Lab-Tech function off the ground or not.

    You know that it is like try to herd cats!!
  4. thanks, Im not talking about these new fandagled ODP creatures (there wouldnt be enough room for all of their PS2 and XBoxes), just us old fashioned OTTs, our trades always got on in the good old days.
    Would it be at the 'Mucky Duck'?
  5. Hhhhmmmmmmm, the Mucky Duck. Heh heh heh!

    I haven't been around that area for ages so I wouldn't even know if it still exists.
    We could always wander across the water and see if Frankie Flame is still alive and tinkling those ivories at the Goose & Firkin!!!!!

    Just remind D-L of his favourite haunt ------- The Morpeth, (cue music for the Blue oyster Club!!!)
  6. P.S.
    I do believe I spelt it correctly ---- OTT
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The OTT's could clean it first! :thumleft:
  8. Already touched base witht he author of the article, give him your details and he'll do a news-letter for next month! Another Lab re-union, can my liver cope? Can peoples nose's cope with me chewing on them???
  9. A trained tech never forgets his roots!
  10. Iv'e never owned a PS2, but if I'm not mistaken i believe you bought one recently on Ebay!! People in glass houses and all that...
  11. D-L
    Yup, I've touched base also (Oooh errrrr missus) and started on a plan.
    A cunning one involving beer, beer and --er-- beer.
    Well, they are imaginatively called: Plan A and Plan B, but they do involve beer :thumright:

    I'll try "snake hips" @ 84 again on monday (I should have known better than to try him after 11am on a friday!). Like yourself- I don't have a current contact number outside of work.
  12. PM me and you can have a contact number as I've finished fact did I ever do any work????
  13. Yes I do have a PS2, great for karoke, but lets not get onto that hey Touch it! and of course it never stopped me doing anything as Im always leathered whenever it is used, much the same as your karoke machine! :highfive:
  14. I never owned a kareoke machine, you must be thinking of touch_it Snr :)
  15. The Mucky Duck is still there, as is the Morpeth. Unfortunatley the Gin Palace on the old Kent Road is now a vets surgery, The frog and Nightgown is still a dive.

    But a bonus is that the curry house is still there and it serves the mighty lonka

    Whats the name of the pub on the south side, down a dodgey back lane, with the blokey on the piano, the Duck and Ferkin ??