Calling all Fusiliers, Fix Bayonets|||

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FEASG, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. There will be a debate about the future of 2RRF in the House of Commons on Thursday 18th October. Although serving officers and soldiers are often restricted from public shows of support that are against proposals made by the Government, Association members and the general public face no such constraints.

    Association members from branches representing all 4 of the RRF Regimental Areas will be present outside Parliament on the day of the debate, to show their support for 2RRF.
    If you can spare the time to join us, please meet at The Cenotaph, Whitehall, at 10.00am on Thursday 18th October, from where we will proceed to Parliament at approximately 10.20. If you can wear your beret, hackle (red & white please) and Regimental tie and blazer with any medals - so much the better.

    Also, please persuade anybody who may help to sign the e-petition at the link:

    Do not disband 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - e-petitions

    At the e-petition page you will also see a link to a letter by Brigadier Paterson which is a good background to the arguments.

    Thank you,

    For England and St George .
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Who do you think should be cut then?
  3. Actually no one, I don’t feel the need to get in to some sort of divide and concur regimental pissing competition. In the highly unlikely event I become Prime minister I would deliver us from Europe. That would save a few bob. But until then will have to be content with at least standing up for what we belive in.

    If you’re with us, thank you

    If not , may a pox be upon you!
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  4. 5 scots?
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  5. I thought it was the Guards turn.
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  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The RIFLES seemed to had lived a charmed life

    (or was that the 2020 Team leader, CinC LF and Cap Dir Cbt were all RIFLES officers?)
  7. RAF regiment, Girl guides or group4.
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  8. big three again!
  9. Or is it because they 'bit the bullet' formed a super dooper Regiment with TA and have reaped the benefits of a united front?

    Not to mention the fact they've been on pretty much EVERY tour, backed up by their TA IAs, and account for a united (apart from a few spurious outposts) recruiting area of the SW of England and account for more than 1/3 (IIRC) of the capbadged cadets?
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  10. Yeah a whole five years of charmed life! That's the point, it was the antecedent regiments who made the brave, and prescient, decision to take the pain early and amalgamate into one large regiment, rather than become still-vulnerable single battalion entities for (probable) piecemeal disposal in the future. As an ex-Royal Green Jacket I identify with The Rifles and am as proud of them as I hope the Ox & Bucks LI, KRRC and RB, were of us.

    That said if there was some sort of faustian pact- 'we'll do this now if you leave us alone next time'- sort of thing, it won't last forever :-(
  11. So any other 7 btn Rgt with a similar achievemant then.
    Although 5 Scots is being reduced to ceremonial coy strength. Other 4 Btns(plus augmentees from 6+7) are on ops every year.
  12. That is idiotic head in ths sand talk.

    The Army is shrinking. Bns will go. Alas you have to offer up a sacrifice. For one reason or another your Bn has been held up.

    Perhaps 2RRF could become the 3rd Coy of 1RRF?

    Or perhaps the Queen's Div should sort it out and merge in to a single entity?

    Queen's Royal Fusiliers?

    Taking the SE as its recruiting grounds, with a few outposts. Would include a good posting of the RGibR, especially if some sort of permanent exchange plt could be set up with the RGibR and sections within the various Bns of the QRF.

    Look at that, it's even got a sexy name, QRF, Quick Reaction Force.

    Hackle could be retained, not sure about anything ele ie capbadge etc.
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  13. No one . I think we should go back to the 1987 ORBAT ( with the Navy and the Airforce at about late 60's ORBATS )
    Bound to be a vote winner , cannot imagine why the Tories haven't thought it first .
    You'd have all those jobs building tanks ,aircraft carriers and planes , tens of thousands of youngsters in the forces,
    burgeoning garrison towns here and in Germany again , what could possibly go wrong ?
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  14. And do they view themselves/portray themselves as one 7 Bn Regiment... or 7 Regiments merged together because of the bast'ads in London?

    Phone the guard rooms.

    1 Rifles = Guard room 1 Rifles.
    2 Rifles = Guard room 2 Rifles.


    3 Scots = Guard room Blackwatch.

    Try it.

    The Rifles regard themselves as 1Bn, the Rifles or 6Bn The Rifles.

    Scottish Bn/Regts style themselves Blackwatch, 3rd Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland or 51st Lowland Bn 6th Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    And this DOES have an effect on potential recruits.