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Calling all Foodies

Hi all

A very good friend of mine has an Olive grove in Crete and has received her first batch of Extra Virgin Olive oil. The oil was still on the tree in January and is an exceptional single variety, single estate oil.

I'm looking to the arrse network to see if anyone has contacts within the high-end restaurant or foodie world to help sell it. There is only 400 litres of the stuff so I'd like to help shift it while it is so fresh and attracts a premium.

Feel free to PM me if you think you can help.

400 litres is not that much to shift and with the foodies on here..
Good point. We are working out a price point, but it should go for about £12 for 500ml plus p&p. If that is about the right price to make enough of a contribution to Hols4Heroes I'll get in touch with the COs. Cheers J


Gallery Guru
They could even label it ARRSE oil, nah skip that. The other places that might be interested are farm shops. I'd label the number of the production on the label so it looks more exclusive.
My mate's head chef for the catering company that run Cap Gemini's food. You wanna see the quality and budget! I'll give him a nod. However, I like the idea of numbered bottles and a few £ to H4H...

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