Calling all ex Scorpion crew. What's missing in my turret?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by RichardInDorset, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing in my Scorpion turret?

    There are some bolt holes on left of the commanders shoulder and several spaces on the upper turret wall on both sides.

    Any help much appreciated!

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  2. Tricky one, there were some smoke grenade holders and other stuff green tin boxes but your photos are not as helpful as you would think and as you appear to have a missmash of clansman and larkspur (or not larkspur but not clansmen) boxes in the turret one wonders what is in the right place at all?
  3. There were also SMG mag stowage trays.....
    And I could have sworn there was a 'lip' that got bolted on in places, the radio boxes look right, CB2, CBF and IB2 albeit the yellow plate but I think that was part of the ANR mod

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  4. Top pic: I believe that was a space for a box for sig pistol carts and SMG mags. And for braying your elbow on. Bottom pic: again, I think that was were the ICB3 sat?

    As bokkie says, there's a bunch of stuff in there that makes it a bit of a fruit salad.
  5. Is that a piss tube in the second photo?
  6. Thee is stuff in the picture that was never in a Scorpion so whole lot is buggers muddle.
  7. Turret Services fuse box.
  8. Like I have said, whatever it is or was it was not in Scorpion 1982 -87, whoever sold it to him may have been taking the piss!
  9. The Commander's seat had a commode conversion: thus, he could shit and piss in some comfort. The Gunner and Driver were obliged to soil their clothes where they sat. Much like a Friday night smoker.
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  10. All the stuff shown was in mine....there is an IB2 instead of an IB3 so that could indicate a Tp Ldrs vehicle, mine was, the 'flower tube' was for filling the internal watertank....that's what is also missing from the Gnrs side, the tap and tube to fill the BV.

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  11. Yes it's the power distribution box for all the turret services.
  12. I am struggling to remember a pressure guage and if it was there for what purpose?
  13. Think 'Recoil Comps and Ops' ...........c'mon-you know you want to!
  14. Jeez, better not mention the SA80 mounts...
  15. I know what you mean, having risen to the heady heights of Gunner Mech CVR but simply cannot recall it and on a gun of the type 76mm there would be no use!