Calling all ex Gap Year Commissioners

Hello guys,
I am currently applying for a GYC, I got a Cat 1 on my briefing and have my main board in August/September.
Basically I am looking for some advice from people who have done a GYC. I fully intend to join up after uni so-
Would you say a GYC was a worthwhile experience, or is it better to just get on with uni and then join afterwards?
I have an offer of sponsorship from the REME, and should be visiting some infantry regiments soon. What would be the differences between a GYC with the REME and one with an infantry regiment?

Thanks in advance

While not a GYC, I'll throw in some advice!

If you are going to join the Army post-uni - do something interesting, go travelling, it will make a man of you. There is plently of time to do Orderly Officer when you join up for real.

If you aren't sure:

If you join the REME, you stand a good chance of going to interesting places and doing lots of adventure training and fun stuff.

If you join the Infantry, you'll experience the real business of soldiering. That might include leading a patrol (or if you are good a platoon) on EX GRAND PRIX in Kenya or in the jungles of Belize, or Warrior commanding in BATUS. On the flip side, you might waste a year of your life in Ballykelly or Warminster.

When you look at the Infantry, make sure you find out what the plot has in store for them. Although I know GYC's who have been to Bosnia and NI, its against the rules and they won't take you to Iraq or Afghanistan. Find a Bn which is going into a training cycle preferably going to Belize, canada or Kenya 6 months after you arrive. (they won't trust you until then).

And finally, stay humble and remind yourself daily that you know nothing compared with nearly everyone else.
do a search for the user: 'hattiejacques' he's a friend of mine that did a GYC with the blackwatch a few years ago...

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