calling all drafties!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Shark_Wrestler, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. I am one of the dirty filthy civvies now and been working for one of the top architectural firms for 7 months now.

    We are constantly winning and bidding on new jobs and one recent job has lead the directors/hierarchy to ask me if I am aware of any ex sapper design trades that are looking for employment ideally Design Dtmn or M&E Dtmn.

    Saying that, the firm has multi discipline sectors and could easily employ any of the Clk Wks specialities (are they special????)

    The pay good and has other benefits…pension…health…share schemes etc.

    If you are interested or know of any guys that are PM me and I will pass on my email so I can send further details.


  2. Hmm... iteresting but I'm not leaving yet. What's the company called, I may have some mates who could look into it.
  3. NEEDS. 8O :wink: 8O :wink:
  4. I did a Draughtsman Spec course in 1986 and do a mean seating plan with Letraset

    Any chance :?
  5. screw the nut, drop us a PM and i can give you some int, its a long long job, so if and when you can always email me.

    CAARPS, i have forwarded your details to the local RBL branch offering your services, with your letraset mk 1 you should be ideal for there christmas bash if you start now!!
  6. :D :D :D

    You B*astard, you have just consigned me to another x amount of years in the army.

    If I die somewhere horrible, I will be back to haunt you big time you f*cker :wink:
  7. Any IT contracts attached to it?
  8. Yep, a lot, but to be done by 'others'
  9. I am one of the talented "Others!" that you speak of, and not just a normal?? CAD operator! I fix the things that you lot break!
    Now about a job???????
  10. Your firm will obviously be looking for someone to investigate and mitigate the threat presented to their project by landmines and UXO ... just so happens I am available at the moment ... £1500 a day + expenses + free red balloon and ice cream.

  11. I find your terms and conditions offensive to the common man! You really must be some upper class snob, Red Balloons don't grow on trees you know!!
  12. found some spares........................

  13. You must have a thing for her Knocker...and I am NOT going to post the pic of her hairy pits again!
  14. Not wanting to steal your candidates..... but we're after Design Draughtsman as well............

    We're a mult-dis company as well (25,000 odd staff) but I'm looking for guys for our Architectural offices.

    We've got about 450 Architectural staff across 10 offices in the UK. and cover pretty much all of the work sectors. Although some sectors are specific to certain offices.
    I work in London, where we have our Rail, Aviation, Education, Justice, Healthcare & Workplace sector teams.

    We currently use AutoCAD & Microstattion and are trying to get Revit up and running.

    I think a good Design Draughtsman will outshine most of the civvies we get coming through the door..... and I think most of it comes down to a good attitude. I think you guys will have a lot less to worry about than you think.
  15. Knocker :roll: , just cos you scraped your Elec class 2, got someone to sit your class 1 and have to take your socks off to get past 13 it demeans you to take out your frustrations against your betters in this way :wink: