Calling all DETAPOs.......

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. ....having/had problems getting issued kit?
  2. What sort of kit? No restrictions in place whatsoever so if you are having problems with any of it you need to have a wee chat with your administering unit's Q staff.
  3. SQMS issued me a bergen, webbing etc, however 1 hour later phone call off RQMS.

    After said phonecall I went home with nothing. RQMS said that if brigade wants us to have that stuff they were to issue it themselves.

    I have good relationship with my squadron as was there as a recruit and will more than likey return as a one pip wonder, and I'm still regularly attending drill nights.
  4. Yes - mine started off badly, got worse; then I gave up and made EBAY my new best friend.

    How much detail/splenetic complaint/constructive comment would you like on the subject?
  5. Simple answer - get hold of your brigade officer training wing, they will either provide equipment or not. If they don't then will arrange equipment for you via unit or whatever, since it's impossible for you to train without it. There's probably someone in your regiment who is responsible for looking after potential officers, get onto them and see if they can assist, also if your unit is friendly with the OTC you may be able to sign kit out from them. Lots of possible solutions there.

    How does your unit expect you to train alongside of them if they can't provide equipment? I think someone big needs to talk to RQMS..

    Yes it's a pain but don't just complain, get on the phone now and do something about it.
  6. appatently, certain TA inf units who are the admin units for DETAPOs won't issue them long backs, which leaves them with gash all-arms bergens from their bde. of course, when i say arrapently, I mean are.
  7. As much as you've got - can't repair the problems unless we know what they are.

    So often these matters are caused by someone well down the food chain with a blnkered mentality who screws it up for everyone else.

    Let's have both barrels.....
  8. He is talking mince. WTF are these people on, making life difficult just because they can - and don't anyone start on at me about rules and regs, equipment scales and any of that p1sh: I have worked with some exceptional Q staff across the rank spectrum and a good Q Bloke aids retention - a bad one kills it (whether he is TA or Reg).

    Feel free to pm me with unit details and I will be more than happy to pass it on to anyone who I think can make a difference. Clearly your (presumably Regular) RQMS is no click for link: HarrySmith95th.

    I trust you will resolve that once you have your Commission you will stand up to choppers like that because if he is screwing you over, just think what he must be doing to the troops. :roll: For the rest of you out there Commissioned already, go now and ask your QM what his people are doing to support YOUR Bn/Regt's Potential Officers. I know mine is treating them like Kings and Queens - might explain why we continue to recruit strongly whilst others continue to struggle.
  9. Unfortunately, some Q blokes are impervious to tact, diplomacy, and good sense. Or have been scarred in their youth by a massive write-off.

    Personal example from the 1980s: we had a QM who refused, point blank, to allow any 58 pattern to be signed out beyond the duration of the weekend's training. Not even OC/CSM. So, every weekend, all the 58 pattern went back into the store (usually wet), and at some point over the next month a kit check would be carried out.

    The delightful bonus was that this QM believed that anything that went into his store, was his by right. So: you either carried away all personal items at the end of the weekend, or you lost it. And his idea of a kit check was to take all of the webbing out of the store, separate it all by item (all the L/H ammo pouches in that pile, all the R/H pouches in that one) count them, and make up complete sets of webbing from the piles to go back on the shelf.

    End result? You would turn up for a weekend, get issued a random set of webbing, try and assemble it (assuming the clips allowed you to) and then pack it. No-one carried fully packed webbing, it became a waste of effort, it was "mess tins and a face veil" stuff. Any OC who tried to change this, got stitched up. The RQMS at the time - who was even less charming - was busy kitting out his local yacht club with G10 furniture and food in his bid to become Commodore, so no help there.

    Grrrrrr........that Q staff was the best example of "tail wags dog" that I ever experienced.

    When we eventually managed to sort out a platoon store, including our new PLCE, we sped things up for the guys at the start/end of a w/e. Then, it turned out that the Coy storesman had got himself a key, and was making up his diffy kit by dipping into our store (right...we're suddenly down five sets of jet pack straps in a week... in a platoon). To his credit, the QM above went loopy when he heard of it.....
  10. Not sure about other Districts, but certainly in LONDIST the policy was all kit was to be signed out the Friday of the FTX and returned on the Sunday.

    Q was a little more relaxed when it came to SNCO's, but even then only certain SNCO's.

    Too much stuff being written off when people fail to show ever again.
  11. ^It should not have been written off. The tw@t that did not return the kit should be billed, lets face it, they ain't coming back so they probably sold it anyway. BILL THE SH!TS.
  12. Thought I'd bump this back to the top.

    I've now been told the kit my admin has is for their soldiers only, I'm on their strength so aren't I one of "their soldiers"?

    Weren't units told to issue kit to DETAPOs?
  13. Yes you are. Yes they were. Unfortunately I don't think they will be reading this. Phone your RTC Adjt and ask him to intervene on your behalf. If you do not know who it is let me know which Bde you are with in pm and I will give you a contact number.
  14. A new one from one bde rtc. Until all detapos are issued long backs, none can use them!