Calling all colour-blind!


I can’t find a suitable forum to ask this so I’ll just throw it in here!

I’m preparing a presentation and need to make it colour-blind friendly. I have done a bit of investigation and it’s turned up very little useful information.

The presentation will have drawings with sets of dots (about 4 sets) that need to be colour-blind friendly. Is there anyone on here that is colour-blind that could give me some advice?

Thanks very much



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I tend to go with white text on a black background. Generally safe for the colourblind, and doesn't strain the eye anywhere near as much as its reverse. Yellow on blue, and red on green (and their opposites) are generally to be avoided, although an old multimedia lecturer of mine once tried to tell me that yellow text on a blue background was as good as it gets. Bloody academics. That's what you get for teaching psychology to engineers.
Colour Blind?

If you can read this it should be ok in any colour? :D

Try yellow letters on a green background! :wink:
TheBigUn said:
Colour Blind?

If you can read this it should be ok in any colour? :D

Try yellow letters on a green background! :wink: much of that can I not read! As for red on blue! FFS.

If you want serious gen on how colour issues work on presentations....PM me.
you are all mongs.

remedial head boiling is issued to you all!!!!

yellow writing on a blue background is the army standard - go with that and you cannot fail.
Go for plain old black on white as much as possible, mate. I know it sounds boring, but you avoid any misreadings/misunderstandings with that. I've also noticed that black on pale yellow works very well for me, but that may be subjective.

I was only informed that I was slightly red/green colour-blind after I left the mob, actually. It was during my stint as an explosives consultant* for "Lethal Weapon III (or was it IV), when I advised cutting the red wire and it turned out to be purple one with little stars on it and elongated piccies of Michael Jackson doing the moon-walk.

Oh, sorry, I was still on the Baron Shorttarrse thread there.


* This qualification was gained by my mucker "Saddo" McCarckie giving me a grinning thumbs-up after I emptied the contents of 50+ fückin' ginormous Boxheed bangers into a coffee tin, Harry-blacked everything to within an inch of its life and succeeded in destroying the foundations of the flagpole in front of the NAAFI cinema in downtown Osnatraz (yes, 'twas I).

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