Calling all cider drinkers.

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by guzzler, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. On October the 8th and 9th the Crabble Corn Mill in Dover is organising another cider and beer festival, there is already a barrel of dry cider sponsored by holidays for heroes[took it on my own head to pay and sponsor].

    So I propose a crawl for the weekend transport is provided from Dover priory train station and the town centre to the mill. Check out the website (click the name above) for more details, cant do linkys but Evil Adjutant can and has :thumright: also have permission for begging for cash. Hope to see many of the usual suspects again.
  2. I'll still be in possession of Sgt Braille and a collection pot, as long as I'm not expected to drink cider I'll try to attend and rattler the tin.
  3. Won't be attending now, sorry Guzz, I know we spoke on the phone and I said I would but circs have changed now.
  4. ffs i thought there would be up for this, a chance to get pissed in an old working water mill, are there no ex jlre who want to come back.
  5. Would love to have attended,but my daughter getting married on the 9th.So i will be a bit tied up.
  6. Dont forget as the father of the bride many things are excused. Have a good day mate.
  7. Don't forget as the father of the bride to behave disgracefully. Have a great day Detters xx
  8. Hey guzzler, im new on arrse so this is just what I was looking 4 as I only drink cider. But think is Im already booked to do catering for a friends mum 60th party. How oftern do you have a bash like this.
  9. Phil, seeing as you live in London, look at the London meets Sticky at the top of the page, things quite often get put in there for us Capital dwellers.
  10. Phil this festival only happens once a year.
  11. The beer and cider list is now on the website, take a look it might tempt you.