Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by CLAIRABFG, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. A message for all British Veterans (tri-service) living in Germany

    HQ UKSC(G) are considering ways by which links between Veterans and members of BFG can be improved; to our mutual benefit. We would like to hear from you if you are interested in being kept informed about this initiative. To register your details on our database, go to

    For more information about the Veterans Initiative and what is already available for you, please go to
  2. How about Belgium??? :roll: :D
  3. Thank you for your query and you are welcomed to register with the Initiative. There are already lots of things that Veterans can access and not all are based in Germany and there are links to other areas that may be of interest/help. We are however happy to consider anything of benefit further afield.

    I look forward to hearing from you via the registration :D .

  4. I live in Spain, can I have a BFBS decoder please?
  5. Due to the change over to digital, the BFPS transmittors are only in the areas where soldiers are based. It is appreciated that this is a disappointment to many Veterans however it is beyond the military's control.
  6. Why can`t i buy Branston pickle, or any fcking thing ,at the NAAFI. :x As an ex service man living in Das Vaterland. Christ i don`t want any bloody fags or booze,just my pickles. :oops: Answers on a postcard please. :DHas absoultely nothing to do with the theme, but still worth a rant! 8O
  7. The reason you can't buy anything (I won't quote your expletives!) from the NAAFI is the decision of the German Government and not the British Military.
    We are examining the possibility of allowing Veterans to purchase non-rationed items from the NAAFI with the Federal Authorities. However, this coincides with the drafting of a new law regulating the activities of foreign forces stationed in Germany. This proposes a system, very similar to that operated by the Americans, for the Veterans of all foreign forces. Until this has been debated in the German Parliament, due to happen this autumn, it is unlikely that we will get a final answer. More will follow on the web page as soon as we have any additional information.
  8. I suppose Indiana, is a little outside your remit too?

  9. As you appear to be firmly 'in the loop', can you also please explain why serving soldiers are refused service in the NAAFI Max in JHQ? I appreciate that this thread is focussed on veterans but if you are able to provide an answer I'd be grateful.

  10. Sorry, bit too far out as a lot of our work either involves liaison with the German Government to try and change policy or is in regards to support that is already on offer in BFG. You may find some more generic sights on BFG NET that may be helpful but if there is anything specific please let me know and I'll see what I can find out for you.
  11. The only reason that a serving soldier would be refused service in any NAAFI in Germany is if they are not in possession of a BFG shopping permit. This is a requirement under the SOFA agreement. All serving soldiers, entitled civilians, and all their dependants who are posted to Germany are entitled to the permit to use in any NAAFI in Germany.
    Hope this clarifys the situation for you.
  12. In reply why can American ex forces have this system now and the British ex forces have to wait yet again behind them, all that vets want is to use the NAAFI to purchase items that cannot be bought in the local German shops .ie. as the man said all he wants is Branston Pickles not 200 Lambert and Butler.
  13. The reason that the American Veterans appear to get more than their British counterparts has a lot to do with the two countries very different Governances. Please feel free to campaign the British government about this.

    I know that it is frustrating not be able to buy something as simple as some pickle but the agreement witht the German Government, under SOFA, is that the Naafi is only for the using of serving personnel and other entitled personnel working for the force. As I said above, this is something that HQ UKSC(G) is working on. The wheels of bureaucracy turn very slowly!
  14. there is a web-site that sells Branston Pickle. Have no idea about prices or posting (beleive me the Naafi is not cheap so the prices are probably comparable) but at least you can get your pickle.
  15. I get my pickles and stuff from British Corner shop in UK

    I do not need the NAAFI or anything to do with them, They robbed me as a young serviceman, so I sure am not going to have anything to do with them now. gets me 30kg of brit goodies within about three to five days, at an extra cost of about 6euros for post and packaging.

    everything from tea to mustard.