Calling all bikers - airbags for you too

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by in_the_cheapseats, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Saw an article on airbags being designed for internal and external fit to jackets being run out by a few manufacturers on the Beeb this morning. Apparently it is the A&E departments from around the country suggesting that these should be made compulsary.

    Now I don't do bikes as because my mother spend 20 years teaching the vegetables that were ex-bikers involved in serious accidents in and around Edinburgh, I got a somewhat emotive tirade when I announced I was thinking of getting my licence. I was taken along to help her out and so I know better than most what can happen to the poor sods if you come off badly.

    This is one of the designs being run out.

    Knowing that most accidents to bikers involve another vehicle, my view is that anything proven to give more protection should be viewed positively.

  2. If there is something that is going to help save the lives of those of us that enjoy the ride, then fair play, hopefully it will work as described, and even more importantly, hopefully it wont cost the earth.
  3. I checked the vid out. There is a million to one chance that it might have saved him from a broken collarbone in that trial. Now try that suit against a car, van, wall or something that might have actually hurt him.
    I've lost enough friends to roadside furniture and this wouldn't have helped any of them. Yet more elfin safety shite. :x
  4. As a biker I agree anything to make life safer is ok by me but to make it law to wear one is going a bit far. I personally wear full leathers, gloves etc. If the nanny state want to make a start make the riding in shorts and a tee shirts against the law. as with all things this is a personal choice most accidents involve an other vehicle so better education for all road users would be more welcome.

    No matter how safe you try to make something you will always have people who know better as it won't happen to them. :wink:
  5. Lets hope the research wasn't done by the TRRL, they 'proved' that leg protectors would be a good idea by taking "an average bike" (BMW R80 which everybody owns) and fitting it with leg protectors, oh, they had to remove the cylinder heads to make the project work. They then tested these miracle devices in unrealistic scenarios and proved that leg protectors will save legs. What they failed to mention was that you'd smash your face into the petrol tank and probably break your neck. (but thats ok, as your legs would be fine)

    The answer to everything seems to be 'make it compulsory' and 'fit more safety devices'. Like most of the 'brilliant' bike safety devices that were going to be made compulsory since the helmet law this one will fizzle out when MAG, BMF, FEM get involved. The ones I can remember were the compulsory day time lights, compulsory reflective/flourescent clothing and only approved biker clothing to be worn.
  6. I don't really remember the leg protecter test details but I remember being apalled at the idea of stopping suddenly along with the bike via the use of thighs as "breaks".
    Bottomley got his due, which muppets watch is this one on ? ;)
  7. Saw this in MCN last year.

    Yeah its a nice idea in theory, so is wrapping yourself in bubble wrap and going out!

    The vid is a shite example of how someone would fair in a road type crash. That was a trackday/ race type crash.

    They could have induced a high side for effect. Bet even with his airbags he would not have been smiling!
  8. It boils down to the powers that be wanting to wrap everone in cottonwool, and with bikes it just can't be realistically achieved, except in artifcial scenarios.

    To misquote the Talmud,

    If a car hits a biker, that's unfortunate for the biker
    If a biker hits a car, that's unfortunate for the biker
    Whatever happens, it's unfortunate for the biker.
  9. I only ride race bikes these days on tracks as in my opinion the road is far to dangerous and dosent give me the buzz i want.

    I know they have been testing different kinds of air bags fitted into the hump on leathers to help with neck and shoulder injurys, they seem to be a good idea from what i have seen.

    Also ABS for bikes is something that is being reasearched and developed by honda now, even fitting it to there Supersport and Superbike range i think, i know BMW have done this quite a few years ago but advances in technology are helping more now, not to sure the bike testers are overally impressed with it yet.

    But it boils down to, bikes are dangerous and if/when you fall or get knocked off there is a very good chance it will hurt, but we still ride them because we love them, or i do anyway.
  10. People laughed when it was said that the seatbelt law was the thin end of the wedge.
    People laughed when it was said that the helmet law was the thin end of the wedge.

  11. Having had one "bad fall" I welcome anything that may keep me out of hospital. But....
    As one of those muppets who has tried to move his bike with a disc lock attached (wheeling it thankfully) I have to ask, how many people will forget to unplug before walking away from the bike?
    I can picture Skegness on biker weekend, full of michelin men (and women).
  12. Mandatory airbags for bikers?
    Its a fooking joke.
    I'm all for a little extra safety but lets start with basics shall we?
    I've been riding litre plus bike for years, I used to commute over one of the routes listed as one of the top biking roads in the country. Police stop/checks were routine. What were they looking for? illegal exhausts and undersize number plates. They've done it for years, all well and good.
    Except not once did they offer advice or guidance to those riding a GSXR1000 or a R1 on a summers day in nothing but jeans, trainers and a t-shirt.

    In what world are mandatory airbags going to help when riding a 180bhp in a t-shirt is acceptable?
    Lets forget about making some more bollox law, lets forget about expensive systems that are designed to make biking more expensive and more regulated. Lets simply start by educating riders into wearing basic PPE in the 1st place. Proper clothing and helmets would do far more for safety than airbags ever will.
    Thats educate, not legislate.
  13. Since the overwhelming majority of bike RTAs are found to be the fault of the "other vehicle", I suggest they put the airbags on the outside of all non-bike road vehicles....
  14. A six inch spike in the centre of every car/truck steering wheel would do more for road safety than any helmet, speed tax camera, airbag etc etc.
  15. It's bollox.