Calling ALL bike fans - & those with faith in Brit democracy

Been quite a while since I've popped in to view the ARRSE :oops: but being of military stock and knowing loads of military/ex-military folks like their machines thought I'd stop by with a special request! Wasn't too sure where to actually post this - so have also popped one in on the cars/bikes forum :wink:

As some of you are aware, the 23rd Bulldog Bash Motorcycle Festival recently took place in Stratford Upon Avon. Once again all of us who attended enjoyed an EXTREMELY safe, well organised, child friendly, muddy and extremely fun weekend...raising over £10, 000 for Help 4 Heroes - twice as much as last year!!!

Sadly, this year's Bash once again suffered attempts to have the event stopped. However, the Council for Stratford, after hearing the claims made by Warwickshire constabulary (which have proven to be unsubstantiated, have no supporting evidence and are based on statistics from other countries), rejected the police calls for the licence to be revoked and upheld their previous decision to issue the Bash an event licence valid until 2012.

What has this got to do with you??

I'm from a military family, I love my bikes - my father (ex-sigs) rode bikes, my little brothers (1 an MP, 1 an ex-pat still in Germany) love their bikes... I know there is a huge biking community within and around military life... therefore this affects YOU too

Out of ALL of the rallies and festivals held in Europe, the Bulldog Bash is known to have one of the cleanest health & safety records going - even the police have cited this fact on several occasions....if the licence for this one event is revoked it opens the gates for similar action across the country - NO RALLY, MEET, FESTIVAL or GATHERING WILL BE SAFE!!

Hoping this post will get a very pro-active response from any forum users who happen to be Brit citizens, just resident, military & expats!!

This country is supposed to stand firmly on the ground of personal rights & 'innocent until proven guilty!'

If you believe the general public of Britain should have the RIGHT to gather & enjoy perfectly LEGAL rallies, gatherings & festivals without harassment...PLEASE sign the petition for a review into ACC Holland's policing policy as applied to the Bulldog Bash!!

Rest assured - IF he does eventually win in his unjustified attempts to have the Bash licence revoked this will NOT just affect the Bulldog but will ultimately have a knock-on effect for the entire biker community & beyond!!

Petition to review policing policy of the Bulldog Bash Motorcycle Festival

If you elect to sign PLEASE use your REAL names, details etc not nicknames!! The petition MUST be seen to be taken serious by us in order for others to view it in the same light!!

Please sign and pass it on, get it on your FaceBook, My Space, E-mail.....anyway you can, just pass it on & get the numbers up!!

Many thanks,

Ratz xx
And the first one stepping up to the mark on the thread is not only another signatory.... but a Jimmy too!!! Get in!!!

Huge thanks for your response Brummieboy1

Ratz xx
That's me done. Went there years ago, saw Dr. Feelgood and Suzi Quattro and ran my RG500 up the strip; the smoke cleared sometime the next day. Brilliant weekend, don't let the b*stards spoil it.
grimbo said:
Done , hope we are listened too (not holding breath though as plod/establishment hate bikers )
Perhaps it's time to point out once again to our political representatives that Britain still has a wholly British-owned motorcycle industry (OK, one factory in Hinckley), unlike the German, American and Indian-owned car factories.

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