Calling all BATS

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Stained_Eligius, Jan 7, 2003.

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  1. So, how many other, if any, BATS are visiting this forum apart from me?  No BAT threads here... Certainly none in the REME forum!  We could have a lot of decent banter in here...
  2. Blimey Stained,
    Next time your Airside, just tell your mates.... ;D
  3. I've publicised ARRSE at work, not having much effect sadly, unless they are just coming on here and reading.... boring tw#ts!  ;)  I was after BATS from other Regts really...  Lots of stuff to talk about I reckon.  
  4. Keep the BATS away, we've had enough ridiculing the firemen, need time to recharge cells.
  5. SE,
    If you look at the Help Me thread started by our new moderator Porridge_Gun you will see that there is a post from Verticalgyro who has broke cover and admited to being a REME ;D

    So that makes two of you now.
  6. Nowt wrong with BATS MDN.
    They enjoy a good piss up, just like the rest of us ::)
  7. I have to agree with that; nothing wrong with BATS - even though it was I who first coined the phrase - 656 Falklands tour 84. We had a dayglo sticker on the MT door "BAT BUSTERS"
    You had to be there
    and anyway ghostbusters was all the rage.
    After all, they do deserve a good "battering"!!!!!(only joking, I knew a decent BAT once.....)
  8. BAT


    Could be worse though we could be bowser mongs ;D :D :eek:
  9. SE,
    Nearly forgot did you talk to that Navy Guy about Boots ???
  10. hey plod it must be a 4 regt thing stickking up for bats
    every home should have one they are only good for washing a bowser
  11. Ah, I see that there has been some good old-fashioned BAT-baiting going on in my absence!   ;D ;D  Keep this up guys, BATs have very good hearing and with a little more prompting, we'll be here in force soon :)  Actually makes a pleasant change from getting baited by the steam-REMEs :)  No class those people...  About that entrance exam....  I'm sure I got better marks than the chef I went to the recruitment centre with.  He's on the same money now.  That cheer anyone up? :)

    PS.  If any chefs are reading this, I think you deserve your money.  Its just that I think BATs are a special case and deserve even more  ;D  
  12. Granted there are a couple of techs out there, greenies and blackies who can have a drink and a banter

    But on the whole they are a bunch of backsliders with notes from matron. There is no room on this forum for a shandy and bum games page.

    Go Home BATS
  13. Bloody right,
    Bog off BATS - We were never good enough to drink with when i was in the mob. Just cos you got another tape each time you opened a fresh packet of weety bangs.
    Mind you i had a good supplier of that stuff they used to mix together to plug holes in a/c with in the Falklands. Made a right mint creating and flogging penguins with blue berets and signs saying hello to the folks at home. Used to flog em a fiver a time!
    Usualy to BATS, soft touches!!!!!
    Their nice girlie black zip up padded suits to keep them warm on the pan were handy. Not like bowser mongs needed them though, was it?! We must have been warmer blooded (or alcoholic).
  14. Yes PLOD, the stuff is called Doublebond.  I remember making those myself.  We used to do two types:  BATs and a generic one for the non-tech trades.  The BAT model was more expensive due to the extra handskills required to paint the smile on the face.  The arms were also slightly longer to allow for the extra number of tapes.  The non-tech one needed no further modification than the application of a chip on each shoulder.  I seem to remember that the BAT retailed at £20.  the non-tech penguin never sold that well and we ended up giving them away free.

    No such thing as a bowser mong.  He/she is just a frustrated pilot..... or BAT :)
  15. Its good to see things haven't changed since I became a civvy....

    I'd still rather be a Crab than a Squawk !!!!!!! 8)  ;D