Calling all ARRSE skydivers - complete rig for sale

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by dropshortjock, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Mods - if this is not the correct place then please

    For sale - complete rig
    Blue and yellow wings container, padded back, RSL, hackey and collapsible pilot suit. Stainless steel rings and free fly cutaway and reserve pads. DOM 08/07.

    Main canopy - PD Spectre 170 main, 110 jumps, microlines. No cutaways. Blue/green 7 cell.
    Reserve - PD 160. Never deployed in anger.
    Cypres 2 DOM 08/07. Due a service end of this month.

    Also selling XL full face helmet, pro ditter, black alti 3 galaxy, Black FS Tony Suit with bootees suitable for 5ft 10/ 34 " waist, and blue/yellow free fly trousers. will throw in a pair of goggles and spare hook knife.

    Not clever enough to post pictures but am happy to sell either as a complete batch or the rig and clothing apart. All is in very good condition and am London based for those who want to view it.

    PM me if you want to get more info or I will email pics on request.

    Many thanks.

  2. Might be helpfull to add some prices / or nearest offer. Complete or split package(s)
  3. Fair point. Phone dying so will endeavour to put more info down when at a computer. Thanks.
  4. If you still got it, try advertising the here:

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    Out of interest- how much are you wanting for the Pro ditter?
  5. How much for suit, alti, ditter and helmet?
  6. How much for the lot?
  7. My grandson aged 16 has completed his first static jump and wants to take the sport up seriously. Would your kit be suitable for a novice? if it is, I would be interested in purchasing it for him. Let me know cheers
  8. Not the helmet for a while and the canopy depends in his size.
  9. He's 6ft.0ins. 10 stone and 32 waist according to his dad.
  10. Canopy is probably too small until he progresses a bit then.

    The instructors won't let him drop down much until they are happy he is in complete control.
  11. Thanks for the info, he is training with Tilstock at Whitchurch and loves it.
  12. Don't rush to kit him up: my little bro and I were both keen jumpers for 20+ years (me at w/e, him a full-timer with the RM team and then running their drop zone).

    His oldest boy 'got the bug' coupla yrs back. Bought all my old gear (xlnt nick, BTW, and much more forgiving than a lot of modern stuff)

    Lad hasn't followed it through: the cost, and the fact that you don't become a skygod overnight are significant obstacles for many people. Make sure he has safety gear that works (headgear, altimeter, audio-altimeter) and try and get him into jumping at a club that has good gear, good instructors, and a positive attitude toward novices. IMHO that would be a much bigger contribution to a happy and successful skydvining career, than "all the gear, etcetera . . "
  13. Yes, understand, instructor he has is very safety and novice orientated, i know jack shit about jumping out of an perfectly working aeroplane, but it's great being in the position to encourage and support him. Thanks for the info, will keep my £'s until needed lol
  14. Nor do most experienced skydivers: pretty sure I've never, ever been in a perfectly serviceable jump plane in my life . . . just that some are better than others
  15. It occurred to me on the way to work - if you did want to gift the lad summat useful, and dependent on location, there are 3 vertical air-tunnel indoor skydiving centres in UK: Bodyflight to the east of Bedford and 2 run by Airkix, in Milton Keynes and Manchester: they may initially seem a bit pricey, but the Airkix ones you can pay for with Tesco vouchers, bodyflight = cheap deals thru and in any case the cost-per-minute of airtime is comparable with jump tickets, plus your learning experience is enriched by not having to manage fear at the same time.

    O - and Grandads with no experience can have a go too!!
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