Calling all Architects and Technicians

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by atko, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Hello there,

    My other job is in an Architectural recruitment a company called SIV, I'd be very interested to here from anyone in the Architectural industry, even if you are very happy at work, as we pay out referral fees.

    Believe it or not you guys are very useful for MOD work.

    Please feel free to PM.

    Many thanks
  2. Ex NCO now a Chartered Building Surveyor with my own practice in London, we do Architectural Design amongst other things. Happy to sub consult or provide specialist services (party wall matters, measured surveys, condition surveys, etc) to Architects.

    Whilst I am not looking to be recruited, for obvious reasons, feel free to pm me if you know of anything that might be of interest.
  3. The Army... awash with architects...

    and Recruitment - the last refuge of the scoundrel!
  4. Slave traders and pimps! Unless anyone who works for a recruitment agency can explain the difference in which case I would be delighted to retract.

    And I would like several very bad experiences and a number of chips on both shoulders taken into account.
  5. Most are awful and slimy, however there are a few who are good and straight up. I have always had this view, even before I became one and still hold that view. Most are poorly trained and no better than estate agents but while I have had bad experiences with them in the past one or two have been excellent.

    I think if a consultant is straight with candidates and clients then things are usually run smoothly. I have met my fair share of candidates and clients who are lying scumbags so its not always one way.

    I work in the Telcos sector if anyone wants to know more PM me
  6. Coincidently we are looking for a resourcer to train to be a consultant, based in the city, ideally looking for someone of around graduate age (dont need to be a grad) must be confident and money focused with a sense of principle.... Quiet at the back, no snigering
  7. Vonshot, you beat me to it, there are a few good ones out there and I recon the company I work is one of them. I feel well placed to say thing having worked for the worst of the lot. The biggest problem is candidates register with loads of agencies most of which will just spam you out because they think the race is on, hey presto you will have a bad experience. If you just give your time to just one and let him know you'll be surprised just how hard they will work for. This is of course asumming you don't tell any porkies, we have ways of finding out.