Calling all AIs and Cadets - Your Help is needed

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by OldSnowy, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've been asked to publicise this via ARRSE:

    As you may be aware, a study has been commissioned, on behalf of the MoD Sponsored Cadets Forces, into the wider societal benefits of Cadets.

    The study is being undertaken by Southampton University and should assist in the development of a wider business case to demonstrate the worth of the Cadet Forces that could have a significant bearing on future funding.

    In order to be considered valid, the study requires responses from as many Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Cadets as possible. The questionnaires are to be completed online between Monday 21 June and Monday 5 July.

    The window for collecting data is small - just two weeks - and every effort should be made to encourage Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Cadets to visit the website and complete the questionnaire as soon as possible before the website closes on Monday 5 July.

    It is requested that this message be cascaded down across the whole Cadet Force population as comprehensively as possible in order to ensure that the study has sufficient returns to complete a credible report.

    The questionnaire website goes live on Monday 21 June and is at: Cadet Force Online Questionnaire

    As you are all no doubt aware, times are hard, and people are looking very very closely indeed at the money paid to keep the Cadet Forces going. What is needed to make the case for Cadets is hard evidence, and that is what this survey should provide. Can I plesae ask that you make this known to as many Cadets, AIs, and other Staff as possible, please?
  2. Linky no worky, it's asking for a username and password.
  3. RTFQ

    It doesn't go live until Monday you plank.