As 12 Regt RA shall be moving into your neighbour hood(there goes the neighbour hood down the drain lol) we have had the briefings,but it all seems aimed off in the direction of the pads and us SLIV (single live in vermin) have been given the bare basics,so would it be possiable for somebody to send us any info,ie accomadtion,things for single to do,local nite life ect anything that is aimed for the SLIV.
I spent many a happy year on the Paradise Isle and the biggest cry I heard at every dine out was "I wish that I'd made more use of the facilities!" The sailing/windsurfing club is excellent. There are also clay pidgeon shooting, motorbike and go karting clubs. Pompey and Southsea are about a £20 taxi ride away. I heartily commend Gunwharf Quays to you. There are some excellent bars, shops and nightclubs there and a Warners multiplex and stacks of parking. As a young subaltern most of my wages were poured into this area in one form or another.

You also have Port Solent closer with a Snow and Rock shop, Cinema multiplex and a couple of decent bars and restaurants.

Then there is the beautiful town if Chichester to the East (about £15 in a taxi). The Slurping Toad next to the cathedral wass our favourite haunt, although there are a number of fine bars (and even finer totty) near the town centre. Easy to navigate, there is a folly in the centre of town and the 4 streets radiating from it are known as North Street, South, East and West streets. Even the most inaccurate of kebab compasses won't let you down there. They have only one nightclub called Thursdays. Perhaps due to the fact that it doesn't open on a Thursday. It's a bit out of town, near a stables. I mention this only so that you will be prepared for the inevitable stench of horse piss as you exit the cab on your first trip! It's a bugger to get cabs from there at closing time, so book one in advance.

There's loads more, PM me if you like. Bear in mind most of this info is from 5 years ago.

Whatever happens, you'll have a great time there you lucky so and so!
Any chance of some more info ref accom for singlies? am hoping not to have to dig out my poncho and doss on the pds sq again. rubbish!

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