calling all 434 gurus

FV430 series used to practice "swimming" on the river Weser below Orr Park in Germany during the early 70's.

A huge bouyancy aid (tank) fitted between the headlights. This bouyancy aid was then extended out (manually) in front before entering the water. FV434 used the two points shown to secure the bottom of the bouyancy aid base to the hull.

It is very true to say that FV434 "listed" when "swimming" due to the counterbalance effect of the HIAB - making for a really interesting time if you were the poor sod that had to "swim" it.

We used to try putting extra weight in the form of track link sections on the RH side of the well in an attempt to "balance" the vehicle when swimming. Never seemed to work though - both times I tried it we still ended up with a "Drowned Vehicle" at the end :D.

As for the yellow warning sign mentioned - I believe that this harks back to the days when all REME vehicles used C13 or C11/R210 HF Radio sets (valve operated radio sets - and yes we still had them in Germany during the early 80's).

On high power these sets could produce an "RF burn" if you were stupid enough to grab the antenna when the operator was transmitting.

It was also possible to create an "RF Spark" when this type of radio was transmitting - the sign was originally meant to be mounted on the MK1 version of the FV432 (petrol) where the creation of a spark during fuel replen was not particularly desireable :roll:.

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