Calling all 36 SIG REGT.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_sharp_edge, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    What are your views on 36 SIG REGT?

    Is the training as good as it was a few years ago?

    Do you get the INFO about things that are going on? (Or is it just me not being in the coffee club)

    Do the REGT still have a role in the big picture?

    Do the REGT have a future?

    What has happened to the good weekends where you worked hard Saturday and played hard in the bar Saturday night?

    Just to name a few.
  2. DOSE the regiment ?

    Was at 36 a few years ago, the euromux training was the best I've ever had
  3. It is C R A P !!!

    Cr*p officers running it, loads leaving, cr*p trainng. The new Squadron that joined us is in bits !!!!!. No support for the troops.

    In a modicum of fairness it is not entirely the regiments fault as the whole role of the TA is changing and a lot of soldiers either dont like it or dont want it.

    Shame Euromx did not get replaced and kept in the unit(s)
  4. Noted,

  5. Yes, one of your sqns is effectively 49 Bde Sig Sqn and another still does CNR. Not sure about the others......
  6. Understand 36 are off on their camp this weekend , Is it one to look forward to or another of those on the bus off the bus till we get home camps ?
  7. Camp sounds pretty pants this year! As everything does recently!!
  8. Whats the recruited strength versus establishment?
  9. They are of on camp this Friday MATT'S and WIP'S with some mill training the first week then a Ex. Less then 100 going so i here?

    Update there 149 going i stand corrected sorry.
  10. A lots up in the air at the mo, all 2 Bde units have two types of units. Ones supporting Regional Bdes and other supporting .... erm nothing.

    They have a different scaling, in 38 2 Sqns have enough kit for a troop and one has this plus an IS troop.
  11. um, at the risk of sounding dumb, none of the comments here sound particularly positive. Low levels of turnout may be affected by establishment, role, time of year, alternative training opportunities etc. 149 doesn't sound very much but if the Regt only has two sqns, is that nearly everyone?

    What does the other Sqn do?
  12. Have to agree with most of the statements made above. Training recieved with the recent re-role is pants - Personally i still havnt been shown much of the new kit despite several requests to be shown. There were several re trading weekends but those i went on you were never shown the other kit, only the stuff you would b working on and that was it.

    I also know that a few of the squadrons are having to advertise fun weekends to get the blokes in and then they change the programme and wonder why the blokes get fucked off. Also experienced very slow and non communication on what courses are available. All in all not a very good picture at all really
  13. I hear 755 is closing down, is that right ?
  14. I think things might be changing for the better, it seems that way with my sqn anyway, the structure of troops is changing to allow different levels of training to be accomplished, it just seems we have to wait and see!! As usual.....
  15. Is that you little minx or is it someone else using your log on...again...where are your alter egos...litlle_minx for example??