Calling a whale,a whale

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigbird67, May 23, 2011.

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  1. Now why not just start by cutting out the waffer thin mint and see how you get on.
  2. Am I the only one not making sense of this?

    But its the NAAFI - hahahaha fat fuckers! :)
  3. I likes waffer thin meents! Can't I cut down on broccolli instead??
  4. Is that some Italian singer? Blind, isn't he?
  5. You don't eat vegetables lardy reeking sweat folding rippling trout.
  6. not if i can fuckin help it i don't! Except crisps...they're veggies! And says its vegetarian on the packet!
  7. She may noit eat them, but I lost a couple of prize marrows when she sat in my garden
  8. Was THAT what they were? I did wonder! By the time they dropped out they were like a couple of decomposing fur seal pups!!
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  9. I can do that for half of whatever they are charging.

    Mrs Smith yes the reason for that is your a FAT CUNT! Next.

    Mr Jones. Ear infection? Not sure about that best go see the doctor you fat cunt! Next

    Ah Mrs Rigsby, I see you have brought your delightful daughter well you will need to see the doctor for the VD prescription. Also it might be a good idea if you explained to the fat cunt what go ugly early means and its relation to her popularity. It would also stop those squaddies shitting on the top of your staircase and running away giggling the early hours of a Sunday morning.
  10. In equal portions of brocolli and oranges,the brocolli has more vitamin C.

  11. I don't suppose for a second that Terry's chocolate orange would do??

    Yours in eternal hope

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  12. My GP could never say it he is a fat twat him self.
  13. As long as you don't tap it and unwrap it they are zero calories. Swallow whole.
  14. If no-one sees you eat it then it doesn't count!

    Calories leak out of broken biscuits so buy the big boxes of smashed ones from cheap shops.

    If you eat high calorie foods with a Diet Coke, the drink cancels the calories out!
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