Calling 664 Mindeners


Kingley barracks and the old NAAFI clearly still there......but struggling to ID St Georges in the backgroud.

Stifsallee has all changed and there is now a roundabout at the junction.....

Unless its completely changed I can't make anything out, or I'm looking in the worng place


How did you get hold of that? I drove past Clifton Bks the other day and it's been levelled. Apart from one or two MT buildings, not a trace of anything else.
Sorry Biscuits, refresh my memory, which one was Clifton Barracks?
Clifton barracks was next to the Mc Donalds, Route 61 to Bad Oyenhausen .... Wife Comes from Dehme and I was based at Kingsley barracks .... Looks a lot cleaner than I was there :)
Ah got you, I had it in my head that was Elizabeth Bks.....

Opposite Clifton was a Shell garage were I first heard an attempt at pidgeon German (delivered by a trusting nig) he announced to the cashier 'Ich habe ein halb panzer links' = 'I have half a tank left'

Does anyone know if the old Garrison officers mess is still there..... that had to be the dullest duty ever
Whats left of St Georges then? is the Ganz Neue Hubshraube hanger gone?
Bloody boxheads.

Place was a dump but fond memories, of a cracking posting.

Got all nostalgic now, might have to crack open the frickadellas


There's a great Gyros place in Porta Westfalica. The one on STifts Alle is shut. I think that it's the same geezer. Great scoff.
Hey Biscuits .... give us a run down of Minden for the Misses ... Is Maria's (24 Hr Bar) still there .... who's gone what's new ... thanks
I can remember, Leonardi's, Le Journal (Ralf, faggot but an awesome mixed grill) 24 hr bar, trying to rememebr the bar on Stifallee near Kingsley???


Maria's?.......was that the little bar down by the river called the El Coyote, where the Argylls killed that poof?
Yes ... That was Maria's family run everyone in the family worked there ... Wifes half sister was Melonie Brinkman comfort woman to 2 Queens and the Argylls .. walked in there one evening and she was being barracked for being a slag .... looked at me and said tell them I am not a slag ... I said you are to loud cheers and a free drink from the Argylls :) good old days.

Misses hasn't been back to the Minden area since her mum died in 1997 as her family wasn't much of a family ... would love to hear how the area has changed .. what has gone .. what the barracks have become .. etc .. any help would be much welcomed.
BiGbAddAbOOm said:
Melonie Brinkman comfort woman to 2 Queens
Peroxide blonde with a deformed Annie Lennox look about her?

If the same she was comfort woman to most of the Trogs, Ordnance and the lesser moralled members of 664sqn

A certain lanky, plate faced Sigs sgt from 3 Regt used to knock her off, when he was a Tom (as did half the block when he was on GOM gaurd) :D
The Very Same :) ........ only woman I knew you could insert both hands and clap :)

She hung around for a while with a Pte from 664 (Name removed, but yes, the same fella :D) I think was his last name ... the shit he got into because of her was unbelievable.

Editted by PG for name
Found this aerial photo of st georges on a kraut site, don't know how recent it is.

Was based at 20 Electronics at Kingsley, 1985-89, the unit then moved to Bielefeld late '89 i think. The old workshop buildings are still there on the picture. However, due to no accomodation being available singlies lived down in st georges, block 18 if i remember???

Agree with MDN, dump, but some hilarious times. I was also unfortunate enough to pull a 3 month stint as officers mess barman at the old garrison mess. That was one old building, even had a cock fighting pit in the attic!!


Cheers Clansman, anychance of a link to that site.

I've placed on the places I remember but the old sigs bay and hangar aren't on thier.... I arrived in Minden as the Sqn bar in Block 14 was being closed / trashed and moved over by the NAAFI staffs accomodation, precisley 74 drunken paces away from my room :D


MDN, try this link, unfortunately its a german site, covers all the reclaimed ex-mil barracks, so should be a few other interesting photos' on there. Will try and find nother site i saw recently, it was some ex-sig guy who had been back to Minden in the last couple of years and he had taken photos of kingsley barracks as it is now. Seem to recall the old med centre was now a night club ffs!! will see if i can find it again and post a link. Excellent recognition of the old landmarks, can still see my old block and the naafi etc..


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