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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by copey, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. ive just had a phone call telling me my name was one of seven that came out the hat for the whole regiment for op telic 4, ive got about a months notice which really gives me the hump as I was expecting them to ask for volunteers.
    My civvy job pays about double my army salary and subsequently it reflects in my possesions/lifestyle ie 3 properties to pays for and all the landlord maintenance that goes with it.
    If Im sent away for the proposed 7 months and any of my tenants have problems im snookered. Its not like I can nip round and fix whatever it is they are whining about.
    Secondly my life insurance does not cover a 7.62 so if I cop it my wife and family will be forced to sell up.
    will the army help me out with insurance?
    My boss is also ranting because there is a lack of staff at work and me going just puts a bigger strain on the rest of the team.

    This whole episode has really put a bitter taste in my mouth, I went out there last time as a regular, the war is now over (technically) and its seemingly obvious that the only reason ive been fingered is because the army is in such a state of overstretch due to cutbacks.

    I understand its unfair to keep sending the regs on back to back tours but then this is due to decisions made to cut the army back by the top brass.
    No-one likes paying for a massive army but its obvious what we have at the moment is simply not adequate.
    The "solution" to call up the T.A. (a cost effective army that costs one sixth in wages) is just a piss take.
    The government saves money and I get stung. Thats the bottom line.

    For those of you who think im shirking, your mistaken. If there was a direct threat to the U.K I would be first down there to sign for my gat which is the whole point in the T.A. this is a different animal completely.
    This is the cheapskate answer to the armys bigger problem.

    The labour answer.

    has anyone got any worthwhile advice regarding pay/proprerty/insurance/civvy job problems?

    or should i just shoot the defence minister?
  2. you just said that, but applied it to military

    could it be If MOd stop trying to run the whole show like a business.

    don't you just love being popular? :lol:
  3. What Bailey said.

    Or get your employer to put in an appeal for you, keep your call out gratuity and then be safely back at work the next day

    Then hand your kit in on the next drill night
  4. Did u walk around with fingers in your ears during/after SDR?


    The first could apply for Telic 1, 2 doesn't apply, so I suppose your going under item 3? Therefore Iraq must be a disaster ???????
  5. Copey, were you led to belive by the boss that they'd ask for volunteers, or was this an assumption you made?

    Re repairs, looks like you'll have to pay for plumbers/ electricians while you're away. The expense will be tax deductable (I trust you do declare this income :) ), so not quite as expensive as it may at first seem.

    Everybody seems to think that the TA are cheap, but are we? Once we're mobilized, a lot of us qualify for the hardship allowance, and so earn more than our regular counterparts, even though we usually have less experience in the role. Surely, in a situation of frequent call ups, we represent poor value?
  6. should have got out while the going was good
    I quit in 96 because I could'nt see the point anymore :lol:
    If your going to wear the uniform and take the bounty you can't really whine if you get called up :lol:
    as cpt darling said "bugger"
    Or could always turn up at chilwell with underpants on your head two pencils up your nose and answer everything with "wibble" :twisted:
  7. Don't take the money and the annual bounty and then whine. There are too many people in the TA who simply fail to understand what it's all about. If you don't like it then leave, simple as that.

    With three fcuking houses you are one of the lucky ones. It's the poor bastards out here dodging RPGs because they need the money to live a basic existance who I feel sorry for.
  8. ok, i had my rant, ive read thru my papers again, it would appear that iraq is a disaster which is why i have to go,

    ref. wibble, not a bad idea but i think someone might offer me a commission if i do it too frequently!

    Ref taking the pay/bounty < I dont do it for the money, same as most t.a. bods (which is a goood job considering how much we dont get)
    the bounty payment is the least we deserve for giving up our own holidays from work/getting arsed around by people who dont have a clue for god knows how many of our own weekends

    ref lucky fcuker,
    theres no luck at all, i left at my nine year point without a pot to p1ss in, its all down to hard work and putting your money in the right place.

    ref whining etc.
    yep your all right, i signed the paper so theres no excuses!
    "but i was drunk sir!"
    ah what the hell, maybe if i kill someone ill feel better!
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    They tried that in the Sudan, had to shot an entire Platoon.
  10. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt


    when you get to chillwell they sort out all your life insurance etc etc

    also as long as you bring all proof of earnings and expences you can claim RSA (reservist standard award) or RHA (reservist hardship award) which should bring your mil earnings up to match your civvi earnings up to the same level or quite close

    also a 6 month tour well put a extra year on your pension

    come on mate stop whinning , you done it before
  11. cheers for the help troops,
    i seem to be getting my head round it now, glad there is some kind of insurance available, and if they are gonna make my wage up to be in line with the civvy job, its happy days all round!
    wait til the colonel finds out a jnco gets paid more than him!
    revenge is a dish best served cold!
  12. Thanks for coming.
  13. Surely they don't state: Iraq is a disaster?
  14. Copey,

    Careful about what you expect moneywise. There are set limits/amounts that you can get paid. :?

    When I was in Bosnia 2001, and it was called COLI (COmpensation for Loss of Income) the upper limit for a JNCO was about £25,000 per year. That is the amount that they will make your wages up to. There were other limits for Sgt-Capt and Maj and above. However, like I said, I'm not sure about the RHA which has now replaced COLI. Hopefully someone has had the sense to realise that just because you are a JNCO in the TA doesn't mean you can't be a company director who just enjoys his weekends with the lads.

    Anyway, enjoy your time out there. Your tour will be what you make it!!