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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hardi, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. I will be off to Afghan this autumn, as I'm self employed I wondered if any of you have any experience with making up civilian earnings and claiming compensation on return, as I will make a loss on the business employing someone to replace me. I have looked at the Chilwell site and all the official bumf, so was looking for your experiences and what to to look out for
  2. You need to have proof of earnings etc. to show that your standard of living would suffer. Mortgage Council tax etc. If there is a large shortfall between your civvy pay and mitary, they may decide not to call you up.

    I have seen a Spr on more than an SSM, which obviously did not cheer him up.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    They will match your civilian earnings, but you won't get compo...

    Anyway, you have volunteered for this tour, what more do you want?

  4. We now have intelligent mobilisation, (I think that's what they call it.)
    You say I'd like to go and they call you up. This way you get to have your civvie pay, This is whats happening at my unit, due to most people earn more in civvy street than in there TA job even on full time, ref your thread msr the other day about this.
    I'm lucky i earn the equiv of a Major in civ div but as a TA Lcpl I couldn't volounteer for a tour as the wage wouldn't come close to covering my outgoings.
    The problem I am having is trying to get some guarantees out of my unit about earnings before I waste everybody's time going through the training at TA unit and going to chilwell. Don't want to be sat there for hours arguing about money, only to be told they dont want me if they have to pay so much.
  5. Take all of your proof of earnings to Chillwell.

    The admin bods there will take all of these into account includuding ur TA earnings. They are well rehearsed in this and will look after you, as long as you have all of the relevant paperwork.
  6. Ideally if you have filed accounts for the last 3 years you should take these with you to RTMC and the process should be fairly straightforward.

    The less you are able to provide to show your earnings the harder it will be to make up the difference.

    I understand the limits on RSA (which makes your military pay up to your civilian wage) which were rank capped are not now.

    RHA (Reservists Hardship allowance) can be claimed in addition to RSA if there is a specific cost which you are incurring due to mobilisation (kenneling a dog I believe comes under this).

    Note that the money you earn every year as TA pay and bounty does not come into the RSA calculation.

    If in doubt call the RTMC helpline, I believe this is one of the things they will actually advise you on.
  7. When I was called up for Op Telic (No Number), RTMC were more interested in your outgoings than income. We had to prove income AND all expenses; maintenance, mortgage, insurance, TV licence etc. Obviously some were not considered, rail fare to work for example. BUT, in order to ensure that RTMC included things like childrens pocket money (they lived with my ex, but I paid their pocket money), I had to set up bank accounts for the kids and standing orders, to PROVE payment.

    In fairness to RTMC, it was all new to ALL of us and I would hope that things have improved now. :?

    Edited to remove Mong spelling. :oops:
  8. It is all changed now - and was really quite slick until JPA introduced its own special flavour of "if you really want to screw things up, you need a computer."

    General - earnings match, including TA pay, + 5% - there is still a cap (or 2 - one special one for medics) but unless you are on mega-bucks, this is not going to affect you. (Edited to add - I believe the lower pay cap is £200k).

    Self employed - take accounts, as already recommended, and a letter from your accountant regarding this year's earnings if they are substantially higher + as much other documentation as you can.

    Employed - Pay statements, P60s, bank statements etc as well. No need to bring TA pay stuff as they have that on the confuseler.

    Any Q's, phone RTMC G1 - they are as helpful as they can be (they didn't write the rules) - but don't do it on a Monday or Tuesday as that tends to be when they process the current course.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Idrach has it pretty much on the nose. The other good point of contact for information is SaBRE. Their helpline is manned (or rather womanned) by sensible people who know their stuff. RHA and proving proof of outgoings are both long gone - it is essential to get advice from either RTMC or SaBRE, especially as, being self-employed, you can claim as both an employee and an employer!

    The Golden Rule - check what you are going to get BEFORE you commit yourself. No-one is in the game of forcing you to go anywhere (not yet........)

    The legal basis for all this is SI859/2005, which is also on the SaBRE website. Read that - it replaced the earlier one (SI309) and did away with the idea that you had to prove outgoings. The new rules are a "scheme of limited financial assistance" and that's what it is. It shows what you CAN get, and anything that's not on there you CANNOT get - simple enough. There are things therefore that you mnay wish to claim for, and which are not avaiable under the Regs.

    Any questions, please PM me :)
  10. blyth thanks for the links. I already pay maintenance to the ex for my sprog, but If i deploy this is likely to increase as I'll see him even less obviously. How do I claim for the increase? do I just need proof of the standing order from the bank?
    Any idea's anybody?
  11. Apparently there is also a DVD available from Llangennech on mobilisation wwhich should apparently be viewed by every TA soldier.

    I am reliably informed that it is completely poopants and needs to be translated into normalspeak for the understanding of everyone concerned; don't hold your breath.

    Filius - the advice remains the same phone the RTMC helpline and ask them about your specific issue, and as Snowy says, get it sorted before you volunteer.

    RTMC HELPLINE - 0800 028 5533
  12. Don't forget that an employer is entitled to claim compensation (to cover a temporary replacement, special fees, etc). I would expect that if you are a Ltd co this could be easier to sort, but if you are a sole trader it must be worth enquiring (and proving costs).