call up

Just wanted to know how involved TA members get when they are mobalised to support the regs abroad. Do you end up doing crappy jobs or are you on the 'front line' with the regs?

Anyone care to share their exeriences?
you again!!!
You are either a persistent journo or you really don’t realise how this site works. :roll:
Bad_Crow said:
I here that all stabs just patch the targets on range days for the RAMC APWT's.
Not much patching required then..... :roll:
pèntwyn said:
The TA are just as important as the regulars. just because they do not do it full time does not mean they shouldnt recieve the same respect.
A Bite!!!!

Dont be daft. All TA are crap and should go back to cleaning windows!

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