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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cyclops, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. :eek: after being out for several years happly playing in civ street, and being an acf instructor i find myself called up on reserves to go to iraq any tips and advice people. ie wot to take and stuff like that......
  2. Run and hide?
  3. Change religion to Muslim and refuse to go on those grounds. Or just don't tip up, what can they do?
  4. Why don't you want to go Cyclops?
  5. Hrm, several years out of training, phys is probbalby not all it should be etc.

    Good luck
  6. when you ammend your terms of service to sign off from the army you automatically go on to the reserve list. The fact you kept your wick dipped (so to speak) with the ACF would have been picked up on 'Their' radar.

    Besides, Iraq isn't that bad. Could be worse, could be .......

    No, Iraq is that bad. :wink:
  7. Hey, i enjoyed my time over there, put some serious effort in building up my dvd collection. no-one said war would be easy.

  8. They've probably pinged you for setting up some youth clubs or something in downtown Al Amarah.

    Hurrah for intelligent mobilisation!

    It works - for us it meant that all married employed men were sent first. No point sending an unemployed singlie - I mean, there's nowhere to sign on out there is there, and you can't fly them back to visit a benefits office every second Tuesday can you? And they'd have nowhere to go out at night either.