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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SanFrancisco49ers, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. So what's the score with regards the difference between Army pay and Civvy pay on call up. I understand that the army will match the civvy pay up to given levels, but can anyone tell me what the actual amounts are? (For a full screw in particular!)

  2. You can get more by applying for RHA but you have to have supporting evidence of expenditure. Best advice take a load of paper work with you and keep copies.
  3. Ive a mate who runs his own business and got called up on Telic 2, he was looking to claim around £200 a day and all they did to him was let him go round the system and failed him on his teeth. Needless to say his teeth were fine as they didnt tell him the work needed.

    Looks like they will pay out till it goes over the score, we had a sapper who got paid almost £90 a day on Telic 1
  4. OldSnowy

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    See the Mob board of some months ago. We were really worried about this for Telic 2, but all the stories about people being binned from Chilwell for earning too much were only stories. We've had a Cfn on over 120 a day (sorry, no pound sign on this funny keyboard) and frankly it seems to make no diff what you earn; if you are fit, and want to go, you'll go. I know Yeomanry and others out here on severely silly pay rates; I'm on a decent whack myself; not quite what I get at home, but close enough to make no odds (especially as I'm not spending much out here), and far more than my official pay band. Don't forget to bring the paperwork, though - it took me three months to reach agreement with Chilwell, but when we did they coughed up straight away. Plus, bring evidence of any recent/previous service, like FTRS or Regs - this will help get you higher rates of LSSA. Mind you, after 4 1/2 months mobilised, I've still not seem a pay slip, nor has anyone else in the Unit :cry:

    Finally, one of our Sgts spent over 200 pounds on pre-emtive dental work to avoid being sacked from Chilwell - if you are fit, and want to go, you'll go. The Medics do everything but ask if you really, really want to go. There are always face-saving ways out....
  5. There is currently a proposal that the Reservists' Standard Allowance ceiling (what used to be COLI) will be raised to £200,000 regardless of rank and that Reservists' Hardship Allowance will apply over that. This is still being debated in the higher echelons...

    If anyone isn't receiving payslips they should badger their RAO to be Taken on Strength. If this is not done the payslips stay in Blighty, although in theory they should be posted on.

    As to troops having extensive dental work done at their own expense this has not been recommended unless it can be done a good time before mobilisation: there needs to be some period of recovery before going to theatre...
  6. Do I have this right? The government offers a compensation for TA called to duty?

    In the US, it's up to an individual's employer. Small businesses are less likely to do salary matching. If you're self-employed, you're screwed.

    The company I work for will offer differential pay between my civvie pay and my military base pay. Which means that if I'm entitled to other pay and allowances, they're not factored in. I also maintain full benefits (except health insurance on myself) for six months.
  7. Yes, TA & Reserves who are called up have their daily rates of pay adjusted upwards to match their civilian earnings subject to ceilings for various ranks.

    Strangely enough the suggestion of the employer remaining responsible for pay has been raised here.

    At a recent RUSI meeting a captain of industry suggested that those called out should continue to be paid by their employer at whatever wage/salary they earn. The employer would then reclaim this sum from the MoD.

    A big advantage is that the Reservist would not need to switch from civilian to military to civilian pay systems.

    Obviously this system would need some ironing out and wouldn't work for all businesses but it could be a start.
  8. I know that some people are trying to get legislation passed so that companies that do wage matching get special tax incentives. The idea here is to encourage more companies to do it.

    A company my wife worked for would pay them the whole salary, but would require that the service member sign his military check over to the company. This no longer works now that no paper checks are given.