Call-up under section 54


I have received a call-up under section 54 of the Reserve Forces Act. Section 54 deals with "warlike activities" surely the call-up should be under Section 56 which deals with humanitarian relief, or are we still at war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Balkans or perhaps we are planning a war with Zimbabwe.

Would someone please enlighten me!


Don't forget:

1.    Your P60s
2.    Your bank statements showing expenditure for the last few years
3.    The email address of the letters page of the Telegraph so you can anonymously complain about the food/sand/pay/welfare/length of tour etc

Oh - and factor 50 suntan lotion for all the hours you'll be stagging on the gate  ;D

Seriously though, have a good tour and further the TA cause.
There are three Sections of the Reserve Forces Act under which you can be called out:

Section 52 - defence of the UK mainland.

Section 54 - overseas warfighting.

Section 56 - humanitarian assistance/peacekeeping.

Which Section is used is quite important, as some reservists cannot be used for some types of mobilisation (for example, the Army Long Term Reserve can only be used for Section 52, I think).

When the Bosnia issue first kicked off, it was Section 54. It is now Section 56, however it was some years before this was changed.

With regard to Iraq, we are not in a benign humanitarian assistance situation yet - combat operations are still underway in parts of the country. I wouldn't expect the mobilisation order to change to Section 56 for some time - at least a year if not longer.

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