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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PrayingMantis, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi i'm a new recruit in the TA, and i am just looking to find out what people experiences have been like in the process of getting a call up notice or volunteering for a tour through to actually landing there
  2. Read the whole database
  3. what paper are you hoping will carry this?
  4. I got called up in front of the boss once, for farting on parade...
  5. I was a regular reservist rather than TA but it went something like this:

    'Hi. I'm a reservist, I've spazzed all my wonga and I'd like to volunteer for a tour.'
    'Will Iraq do you?'
    'OK - let me get your details and they'll be something in the post'

    Five weeks later - Chilwell.
  6. I was minding my own business when I got a brown envelope through the door with a cunningly worded invite to go to Iraq. I went to Chilwell on the day stated on the invite. I then went to Iraq and after a tour (which was supposed to last 2 hours on an open top bus but actually lasted 6 months), came home to tea and medals.
  7. Thanks, thats the sort of thing i was on about, im not writing anything for a paper a mentioned by someone else, just interested as i have just joined the TA
  8. Best thing to do is speak to blokes in your unit, many/ most will have been through the chillwell mill by now.
  9. cheers, will do
  10. what unit btw?
  11. royal sigs
  12. well if your 'just' a new recruit, your a long way off going on ops, so I'd be getting on with training before I did anything else.
    Learn to walk before you run.