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Anyone know how much call up bounty is nowadays, when i was called up in '06 it was about £450, im guessing it goes up to reflect inflation etc, and I cant remember for the life of me if its tax free or not.


It has gone up to £480
Does it get paid if you turn up and are no longer required? Or are medically refused?


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When I went through in 2005, you had to be accepted into service before you qualified for the bounty. This had obviously changed between 2003 and urban legend placed the reason for the change on a mythical TA soldier who habitually volunteered for mobilisation knowing full well that their medical/dental/mental would preclude them from being actually being mobilised and yet still collecting their £400+ for passing Go.

You are right, but for TELIC 1, one 'mythical' TA soldier turned up 8 months pregnant and was signed off by the Doc at the front gates of Chilwell and collected the gratuity.



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frenchie said:
Ah but that was justifiable, it was a forced call up at the end of the day.
They are ALL 'forced' call-ups, if you put it that way. Despite the use currently of 'intelligent mobilisation' (for the TA at least), once you get the call-out notice then it's compulsory. You can't just decide not to turn up at Chilwell at that stage :)

So, the COG is payable on turning up where you are meant to be; if you fail dental or mental, you still get it. It's there to compensate for the buggering about.

Well, nearly. Actually, it is a hangover from the days when you would likely lose a week's wages and bonus, and would not be paid by the Army for a couple of weeks, so your family needed money to live on. It's a bit outdated now, but one of those things that has not - as yet - been abolished. Watch this space though!
What about this new council tax rebate, are reserves entitled?, and if so how much would I get for a 3 month out of area (6 month call up in total)?

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