Call to tolerate drug dealers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Now apart from stating he obvious that if one is arrested another more violent dealer may take over, what are this lot thinking.

    My idea of tolerance is to arrest them for possession and lock them up for life with hard labour, (can we ship them to the USA for this?) alternatively the Asian idea of the death penalty would work as a deterrent.

    Excellent liberal thinking, is this another government funded quango perchance?

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  2. More liberal nonsense. Whenever they ease up on drug issues, crime gets worse. Zero tolerance works. In my opinion, the user needs to be targetted and punished severely. Remove the user, you remove the demand and therefore no customers to deal to. We could start with celebrities like Moss, Winehouse and Docherty, make an example of them by making them blubber as they go dwn for a few years.

    Let us not forget that drugs fund terrorism. It is major source of funds.
  3. We need a joined up approach.

    1. Buy up the matierials (ie the poppy fields) whereever they are. THey are nearly always in poor areas, so the going rate should be cheap. Use the matierials whereever possible, use some for refineing in to the drug and burn the rest. Not essential to the plan, but would help.

    2. All users that are caught, go down for 5 years. Regardless of if they are a supermodel (moss) or a waste of skin (docherty). There we do the cold turkey thing. Lock 'em in a room, sliding food under the door. if they need it the odd hit or two, as the come down. (none of this methadone malarky). These would be special jails/clinics. And seeing as the majority of losers are quite wealthy, we'll seize their assets to pay for the facility.

    After all they'd pay megabucks for a hug inthe Priory, so they can pay to go here. We'll call "Crack Tax".

    3. All "dealers", (those with more than 3 "hits" on them) get hung. And assets seized.

    Should bump up the income of HMG, AND clear our streets of drugs.

    4. The RN will be allowed to hang at sea, crews of boats found to be carrying drugs.
  4. Great idea, leave the chavs to get on with their drug dealing, (in the same way we leave people to break into houses) and concentrate on the real stuff like speeding cyclists 8O

    Is it any wonder that chavs don't give a flying one for the Police/law/public.
  5. Drug dealers?
    Hang them.
    Insufficient deterent these days.
  6. I must be getting old but these things just come round more regular than the local bus.

    The great Brains of Arrse have already answered this;

    From the crops in Afgan (no cost) we pump pure shite onto the streets. Most drugie scum will OD, the rest we will have to 'help'. Oh and the dealers will all feel the urge to kill themselves too.

    Its just a little help to Darwin
  7. Brilliant, so in five posts we've made our observations and formulated a new drugs policy.

    All we now have to do is get paid for our labours like this lot
  8. I think Malaysia has a very good drugs policy…

  9. Simple and straight-forward I like.
  10. And zero re-offending rates once executed!
  11. Hire a building, pile all the drugs that have been confiscated in the centre and get all the chavs/chavesses in tell them it is free and you are not leaving until they are gone.
    Once in, deploy the gas pipes and kill the feckers.

    I haven't given this a lot of thought
  12. I agree, the drugs industry is still the biggest challenge to government (see Mexico), so the sooner we adopt this policy the better. Then we can think about the second biggest challenge, corruption in banking and the stock market.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You cant get rid of drug dealers ffs! Half the UDA/UVF/PIRA would be out of work!!
  14. The guys out in Afghan could mix some poison into stashes they come across and let it go on its way. Problem solved in no time.
  15. Why not just make drugs legal. Sell them in government owned places and tax them?