Call to Prayer vs Ham Shanking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bomb_Doctor, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. I live next door to the largest set of speakers (and the biggest Amp known to man) which are, in turn, attached to the local Mosque.

    I am awoken at 0530hrs every morning by the Call to Prayer and then have to listen to it another 3 times. Don't get me wrong, I can normally stand the subdued tones of a strangled cat , but during the holy month of Ramadan, the calls have been excessively loud and have gone on far too long in my opinion.........

    During Ramadan, Islam prohibits the eating of food, drinking of water or smoking of Tabs during the hours of daylight. Obviously I haven't been following this, but thought I'd like to contribute in some way..... show a bit of solidarity and all that.

    I decided that upon hearing the call to prayer 4 times a day, I would log on to a particularly depraved website and throw myself round the room for a while. It's been a month now and thankfully Ramadan is over and Eid is here and I can go back to my normal 10 times a day.

    Am I morally wrong (or just sick) ?????????

    (and before anyone says it - I am not racist, I just think the tune, beat, harmony, vocals and rhythm of the call to prayer are a little 'off' the mark – Pete Waterman wouldn’t touch them!)

  2. you need to buy one "big ass" sterio and as soon as call to prayer is over play onward cristian soldiers full whack get the fukers back!

  3. That had crossed my mind, but they all have AK's and I'm not in to starting 'International Incidents'...........

    I had thought about creeping into the Mosque in the dead of night and swapping the tapes over for Aqua and 'Barbie Girl'.......

    Any other suggestions????

  4. I had thought about creeping into the Mosque in the dead of night and swapping the tapes over for Aqua and 'Barbie Girl'.......

    pmsl spot on thats better than any of us could think of to do to "mc basrah"
  5. If the call to prayer bothers you then complain to your council and tell them that you find your local Mosque offensive.

    We’ve recently had banks forced to stop using piggy banks because Muslims might find the reference to pigs’ offensive.
    Lambeth council are now changing the name of their Christmas lights to “Winter Lights” because they’re afraid the reference to Christianity may offend non Christians.
    More and more schools no longer put on nativity plays, again to avoid offending non Christians.

    Complain and get their call to prayer banned, that should work shouldn’t it?
    After all, local government is always quick to ban anything from our culture that may offend others…
  6. How about something by Pinky & Perky?
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Another Army Myth / Rumour - that a Unit did just this shortly after Telic 1. Anyone know if it's true???
  8. That was my first point of call - but when I went round, the local Taliban/Shuria Council in my part of Kabul said they couldn't really help me with the style/content and volume of the Call to Prayer............. I didn't wait to find out what they said; when I told them I thought their Mosque was offensive.

  9. Try playing jerusalem very loudly, I'm sure they would appreciate it. Better still start a new religion that has public sex with someone dressed as Miss Piggy (Am I the only one that thinks she's hot?)
  10. ...........or, as a certain group of Brit builders did, in the mid-90s in an unidentified ME state.....................brick a M & S pork pie into the Mosque wall which faces toward Mecca.......
    .........the company was McApli-Tarma-something, I believe.................

    Money, payable to GOM Terrace, will secure the name of the ME state....................
  11. Agreed.

    Don't let them have double standards over us. The things like the natwest piggy banks really does my nut in, It makes you think whats happening to this country.
  12. building company in burnley, won contract 3 years ago to build towns largest mosque. Employed a proper bunch of lads who set about mixing ham joints, pork etc into mortar and concrete to build walls, foundations etc. one of employees sacked earlier in year, very disgruntled, informs local press of said "joke"

    muslim comunity did not get "joke", problem still ongoing.

    Have you considered turning your front garden into the local comunity butchers, g10 tent, genny with christmas lights, etc?
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I find all of these response heartening, me and an old mucker will be sharing a flat together next year in the midlands. This is for work reasons. Now one flat we have already seen is next door to a mosque, I was wondering how long we could keep up a series of complaints to the council Eenvironmental health nazis about noise polution. They do about my shooting in the sticks! So we were working out what noise we could generate ourselves! The funy thing is with his snoring and my tinitus we are probably either too deaf and too loud to notice but hey all in favour of the Pork Farms Logo'd van parked outside 24/7 with fake blood dripping out of the doors!
  14. water pistol fights on a hot sunny day with bikini clad girls are great fun, for some reason, this seems to offend them?
  15. Just wait for Ramadan. Then sit oustide with some tinnies, smoking tabs, scoffing bacon sarnies while getting noshed by hookers.

    Job done.