Call to end ban on affairs between officers and ranks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. Well matron! :D
  2. I didn't know there was a ban ..... i got f*cked by more than one of my O.C's ....... i feel ....... dirty ........ used ....
  3. well, if i wasn't such an ugly cnut, I'd be cheering this, as i'd get a chance to bag my troopy off.
  4. and here she is during her press conference

  5. What ban? :oops:

    I thought that it only applied if one reported (CR) on the other!

    Now where did I put my solicitor! 8O
  6. He only did it because she was ginger and it was funny.

    The best bit of the article is the 'aggressive camping' - I'll use that one from now on.
  7. I knew a Major who would definitely have got it , and she used to look me up and down every chance she got too.

    Sadly no longer wth us :cry:
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You should read what she has to say about ECBA, army funding, and morale (it's all on the BBC website)
  9. that wouldn't be on a guard mount would it PTP , thats called an "inspection"

    it doesn't mean you can stare back like ian brady in a nursery.
  10. LOL nooooooooooo , not on inspection , and using me first name too :D

    Very nice lady and cute as a button.
  11. You could accuse Diana Henderson of many interesting/unusual/sinister things but never of being a "boot faced scammell-arrsed ginger american mong" Is the picture of "Laura" from the "Ultimate-Force" Gallery?

    Here for those that have not encountered the Officer in question is a publicly available photo
  12. they could be sisters :p
  13. Only to someone"local"who has never left his "home valley" :lol:
  14. I listened to this woman on 5 Live this morning and both she, the journo presenting the programme and all those who phoned in were well out of date on this one – all described it as “illegal”. It is not either in law or within army rules (AGAIs etc) - unfortunately the actual position was not put forward by anyone. Any relationship is subject to the “military test” i.e. will it negatively impact upon operational efficiency. The “rule of thumb” is that if the person is in your chain of command – DON’T. If they are not, then GENERALLY it’s OK. I know of a number of people who openly have relationships across the “rank divide” none are employed in the same unit for what to me are self-evident reasons.
  15. Agree..
    it would not do to have a relationship between ranks if they were serving together in same unit or one had chain-of-command authority, etc.. over the other.. too easy to see perks given or retribution handed out from a lover's spat.. There are enough examples in business to show the way to go.. See that the head of Boeing Aircraft was sacked because he was a married man having an affair with an executive in another division of the company [ no authority, no reporting ,no influence' suggested ']..
    so climate is there for ' puritanical ' attitude toward such relationships developing good or ill..
    having said that, however, the more women inducted into the forces, the more attraction and pairing off there will be [ similar attitudes, interests, proximity, etc. etc..] and for morale and operational imperatives this situation will have to be resolved in some consistent manner..

    Think its a bit much that the woman got slagged and her pension cut when the man didn't.. they both should have taken the same hit since they were both deemed ' at fault ' for the same offence..