Call to Combat Medics with Irish PDF to contribute to international research.

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by TheMexican, May 24, 2011.

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  1. Greetings all,

    I am completing research which involves contributions from Combat Medics all over the world. If you have training as a Combat Medic and you would like to contribute on behalf of Ireland then I would be grateful for 5 minutes of your time. (Link below)

    The online questionnaire is only 10 questions long and all multiple choice. NO data is recorded bar the respondent’s country of origin. Ireland has been placing troops in conflicts all over the world. Your voice would be appreciated.

    Answer YES to the three qualifying questions to proceed to the questionnaire. Go raibh maith agaibh!
  2. Cheers for that. Will do so straight away :)