Call to ban army recruiters from schools in scotland?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hammersandspanners, May 17, 2006.

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  2. Has she got a point? I think so, despite what we feel about it. 14 visits to 153? There's no getting away from it, that does reflect how desperate we are for new blood. As a matter of interest, I wonder if the Navy and the RAF increased thier school visits? The upside though, is those who join from the 'deprived' areas certainly get the benefit from doing so. i haven't met a single soul from a council estate that has regretted joining. Most say they'd do it again if given the chance.

    What's the state of play south of the border?
  3. Are the recruitment difficulties worse in Scotland than in the rest of the UK? If so, does this reflect a growing disassociation between young Scots and the 'United Kingdom', or what?
  4. Hang on; how many schools (i.e. secondary, colleges etc) are there in Scotland? If each school only had one visit per year, I'm sure the number would be higher than 153. The question should be; why were only 14 schools visited in Scotland the previous year? Obviously it was a dastardly attempt to keep the Jocks out of employment!!
  5. 14 visits/year for the whole of Scotland is a very low baseline anyway.
  6. Half the battle is educating the teaching staff as to what we have to offer and by allowing us to use just ten minutes in an assembly we can then identify individuals who would like to hear an in depth careers presentation at a later date. Spoke to the other services and the fact that they aren't as undermanned in areas as the army are, they do not perform as many school visits in this particular area!
  7. I remember the 1 A and SH RIT, assisting local secondary schools with their problem kids, They would take them for a day and put them through mini assault courses and such. Then they would sit in a classroom and do school work assisted by the RIT and teachers. An excelent scheme, which helped the kids.
  8. Quick google search shows 443 secondary schools in Scotland; so we ONLY visited a third of them!

    I suspect that number of 14 is either incorrect or the initial question was worded specifically to guarantee a 'bad' looking number.
  9. Why does it matter? Does she disapprove of the military? Why would she not want the recruiting, for many it provides education a steady job and broadens horizons.
  10. And there was me thinking School visits had been a conventional method since WW1. Well well well , the things you learn eh?
  11. Being in the recruiting world, alot of our time in schools is spent offering assistance in delivering the national curiculum, ie Citizenship!! I think this person is just bumping her gums about something she clearly knows nothing about, or (being SNP) isn't the BRITISH Army's biggest fan!!!
  12. The Army used to be a very popular employer in Scotland. Regardless, the current attitude of Jock youth is not 'anti British' it's more that todays dissaffected youth in Scotland just aren't interested anymore. It's just not their thing. The local colleges are offering qualifications which kids consider more useable than those offered by the mob. Attitudes are not as they were either and they just aren't as robust as those of a similar age were even 10 years ago. Why join the Army and get f*cked about (general perception) when 'I can stay at my mum's, go to college if I feel like it and claim the dole if it all goes tits up'. There's also a lot of bad press floating around and the piece in question here, doesn't do anything to change attitudes. Parents reading that who were on the brink, will sway against their offspring joining up on the back of observations like this.

    It's a shame but you reap as you sow. The Army just doesn't cut it in Scotland today. A career until you are 40? It's hardly an attrcative offer is it? Kids want more for less. The Government haven't helped the situation, in fact I believe that they have added to the problem. It's not just Iraq, it's how soldiers are treated in general. Deepcut (they may not know the full facts but that's how it is) has had an adverse affect and the press haven't and won't do us any favours.

    I have to agree with her observation though despite the mathmaticians amongst you working out what the school to visit ratio is, you have to agree that there's been a hell of an increase.
  13. I seriously doubt the figure of 14. Unless of course the various RRTs were actually deployed on Ops that year (2003, nothing happened then surely?).

    I find it interesting there is no mention of the previous year, nor the year in between. Was, as I suspect, 2003 an odd year or a statistical c0ck up?
  14. Its not like the shilling in the pint glass or press ganging

    What exactly is her issue